First Meet Conversation [Dialogue]

There is a chance to meet many new people within the business organization and in other organizations. Knowing how to strike up conversations with strangers is important as you navigate new professional relationships. To help you succeed in this field, I provide you with ideas and examples of effective ways to start a conversation with a stranger.

Robert: Hello friend! I think you are new to our company, nice to see you, my name is Robert, I am a product manager here, may I know about you?

Amelia: Yes, nice to meet you, I am Amelia and I have been appointed as a trainee officer in marketing a week ago, I was previously working in Starlight Company, the salary package here is good. I got a job here.

Robert: Amelia I saw your car in the parking lot yesterday and I thought we didn’t know each other, today I asked, did you feel bad?

Amelia: Not at all, although we are strangers to each other, but we work in the same office and get to know each other like that. Since we are colleagues, it is our duty to take care of each other and help in other matters.

Robert: I appreciate your sentiments and feelings, people should care for each other no matter what they know each other, caring and helping each other brings peace to the soul.

Amelia: Your thoughts are similar to mine, when I was 7 years old, my mother worked at a church, and when she visited occasionally, an old woman who must have been 80 years old outside the church. She would sit down with the food in a packet and distribute it to the poor, whose stipend was also modest.

Robert: Yes, there is no shortage of people in our society who give their all to the poor and needy and find joy in it.

Amelia: Nice to meet you, where does your family live?

Robert: My family lives 2 km from here in the city center, I often come here by bus and sometimes walk if I can’t get a bus.

Amelia: Walking is also important, that’s why you walk, it’s important to eliminate the calories that a person makes from junk food, otherwise it can have negative effects on health.

Robert: Sounds like you’re a walker too. Therefore, he did not let his health deteriorate.

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