Conversation at airport [Dialogue]

Whenever it comes to the conversation at the airport, the dialogue between the immigration officer and the passenger comes to mind, dialogues at airports are usually discussed between the passengers or more specifically between the immigration officer and the passenger.

I Will shed light on the question and answer between the officer and the passenger. Do you want to travel internationally? If so, you’ll probably need to take a plane, and Q&A information with airport officials is essential if you want your next international trip to go smoothly.

Customer Officer: Dear sir, From where you are coming?

Passenger: Sir, I have arrived by flight from Islamabad, Pakistan

Customer Officer: Tell us about yourself?

Passenger: My name is Sikandar and I am a resident of Islamabad Pakistan, “I am a person who takes great pride in my work and I prefer to work where it is important to provide excellent service. I get the most satisfaction from working as part of a wider team where brand reputation is very important.

Customs Officer: Who is traveling with you?

Passenger: Sir, I have my wife with me who has company visa, we will work here together

Customs Officer: May I see both of your passports and travel documents?

Passenger: Yes, here is the passport and other travel documents.

Customs Officer: What is the purpose of your visit?

Sir I have come here for job, I have 3 years company visa from the software house of T4Tutorials, company agreement is also there with the visa.

Customs Officer: How long will you stay here?

Passenger: Sir! I will stay as long as I have an agreement with the company, if the company does not extend the visa, I will leave here according to the immigration law.

Customs Officer: Why did you leave your previous company?

Passenger: I had an employment agreement with a foreign company but the policies of the company forced me to leave the job. Further, I myself left the company and I was not fired.

Customs Officer: What are your department and your job duty?

Passenger: Sir! I am an IT expert.

Customs Officer: What’s in your luggage?

Passenger: I have clothes and some essentials in my bag.

Customs Officer: Do you know about our country’s foreign laws?

Passenger: Yes, I have been informed by my company about the UK laws, I will try to adjust myself according to the employment policy here, and hope the law will not be violated.

Customs Officer: How much money do you have?

Passenger: I have $7000 which I have kept with me for the journey, apart from that I have no currency.

Customs Officer: Ok thank you. Best of luck.

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