[Dialogue] Telephone conversation between two friends

Shumaila: How is your job going?

Saira: Dear! What can I say, the job is not going well.

Nuzhat: Why! what happened?

Saira: dear, I am disappointed by the company, whenever my promotion time comes, I am ignored, I have achieved many targets but my progress is not enough, I am not promoted in the company. It has been 10 years but there is no significant achievement

Shumaila: Yes, you are right, I have been promoted 2 times in 4 years, now I have come to the post of team manager, I have been promoted only last month, I have completed the training. I am leading, the job is good, pick and drop facility is also available from the company, I am satisfied.

Saira: I have applied to two or three companies, but have not received much of positive response so far by way of sending resumes and cover letters. Looks like they are getting trashed and still no response. Do you know people in the industry who can call me for an interview?

Shumaila: No dear! If I am touched anywhere, I will definitely try, I will try through my colleagues whom I know. I will tell you, I will try for your job elsewhere, if there was a job in my field, I wouldn’t have delayed it, but why didn’t you do a master’s in business administration, with time the demands of the companies also increasing. Now a master’s degree is preferred for a good post

Haniya: I agree with you, but 4 years of experience also makes sense, my manager is a BBA herself, just working on a good post based on experience.

Shumaila: Every institution has its own policy, but on the whole institutions have taken into account the importance of degree along with development. After qualifying for the post, I wondered if the time would ever come when I would lead my team, and nature answered my prayers.

Saira: Yes, my friend, employment in private companies is a difficult phase. The recommendation is now embedded in the private sector as well, with a few dedicated cadres present in each institution who do not hesitate to make their own decisions.

Shumaila: Thank you Saira! good bye.

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