Dialogue about travelling

Robert and John are traveling together from Lahore to Rawalpindi by train, both of them are strangers to each other and they became friends in the train, both of them introduce each other and talk about the purpose of the trip and talk about sightseeing and share their experiences with each other.

Robert: Well, which areas of Pakistan have you seen so far, and what do you know about them?

John: Friend! I have visited Karachi, Islamabad, the northern areas, and Taxila. The first trip was to our school with which we went to Taxila Museum, the museum has a large number of artifacts related to the cultural history of this city.  Taxila is a historical place. There are signs of artifacts being recovered from the city. These include Gandhara Stone, Gold, Silver and Jewelry and Stones, Stationery, Domestic Household Goods, Toiletries, Coins, Tools, and other items.

Robert: Great, you have a lot of information about the Taxila Museum, where have you been in the Northern Territory?

John: During winter vacations, the family can travel through Gilgit Valley, Hunza Valley, Skardu Valley, Chitral Valley, Swat Valley, and Kaghan along the Karakoram Highway, although the greenery is almost non-existent in winter. But due to snowfall, these areas become the center of attention for tourists and enthusiasts

Robert: Can you tell me about your travel experiences?

John: In last year summer, I agreed to go from Karachi to Skardu by bus. I live in Karachi but my village is Baltistan whose capital is Skardu, Baltistan is in the north of Pakistan and the great mountain peaks like K-Too, Siachen and Kargil are in the same area.

It must have been morning. Suddenly I saw a very high and formidable but beautiful mountain on my right side. I just kept looking at it, I was just wondering which mountain it was when I saw a board. It was written ‘The mountain you are looking at now is Nanga Barbat’. I screamed out of joy. I immediately took out my mobile and took pictures of this mountain and captured the beautiful scenery on my mobile.

Robert: Very good! Once upon a time, or perhaps still, people used to go to healthy places due to ill health, but now the direction is the same but the element of bad mind prevails in it, especially among those who go frequently. 

Nature is in its transition period from winter to spring. The changing seasons make a person happy and also sad. Spring is the season of cheerfulness, the season of color, fragrance, and flowers, but it would not be wrong to say that every season has its own color.

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