Dialogue between teacher and parent [Conversation]

Parents: Good morning sir!

Teacher: Good morning! Welcome to PTM.

Parent: Thank you, actually, I have come to you to discuss my child Zaheer’s progress report, since today is the parent-teacher meeting day, I want to take a look at Zaheer’s academic activities.

Teacher: Yes of course, actually Zaheer has scored 60% marks in the progress report, Zaheer is improving in all subjects except English and Mathematics.

Parent: We have checked the reports, which are not satisfactory.

Teacher: Yes, it is so, our aim is also to inform the parents of the children from time to time about the educational activities and results. So that the shortcomings of the child can be improved.

Parents: Sir, the purpose of our admission to a well-reputed school was also that the future of our child would be better and that he would get a good education and get a prominent position in society.

Teacher: Look! No institution or teacher would ever want any child in his class or school to be weak in education. Special attention should be given to those who are not interested in the activities so that no student fails

Parents: Sir, one of my younger brothers is an English teacher. He often comes to our house. I have told him about Zaheer’s English and Maths.

Teacher: Yes, it is really needed. Mid-term exams are also around the corner, arrange a good tutor as soon as possible to overcome any weaknesses.

Parents: I know sir! I am worried about Zaheer and my full attention is focused on him.

Teacher: All other subjects are fine, he spends regular time in class, and doesn’t leave school unnecessarily.

Parents:  Zaheer is away from studies due to his extra sports activities. am I right?

Teacher: yes! I have this idea because he is a member of the school badminton team.

Parents: Yes! We have also noticed that he often talks about badminton with his friends and at home, he avoids whatever his mother tries to talk him into studying.

Teacher: you should focus your child only on compulsory subjects like English, and Mathematics because along with sports, education is very important, all the good players you see, their education is also as good as sports.

Parent: Yes sir. We are trying our best not to be left behind in education, that is why we have enrolled in an academy after school

Teacher: It will be great, if parents and school management join hands for the future of the children, it gives motivation to the student and helps to overcome their weaknesses.

Parents: Thank you very much, sir.

Teacher: Thank you too.

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