Telephone Conversation Example Dialogue

Hello! I am talking to Nadeem

First, introduce yourself

“Hello. My name is Nadeem.”

If you need to talk to another person

“Hello. I am Nadeem, can I talk to Ansar Sir.”

Ask for the name of the person on the phone

“Hello, this is Nadeem, would you mind telling me your name?

When asking such questions on the phone, the tone should be soft and polite so that the person on the other end of the phone does not get hurt by your behavior.

A few examples of telephone dialogues

Example of talking to a company officer on the telephone

Nadeem: Dear/Madam, I am from Nadeem Food Supply Chain.

Telephone operator: Who do you want to talk to?

Nadeem: Director Marketing Nisar can be talked to

Operator: Please stay on the line, (after a few moments) I think Mr. Nisar is in the meeting. May I forward your message to them?

Nadeem: Yes, give them a message that I have to talk and contact my number when they are free

Operator: OK, I will pass your message on to Nisar sir, thank you for calling

Telephonic example conversation of lodging complaints on bank helpline

Helpline Operator: I am talking to Sidra, what would you like to know

Customer: I am talking Hameed, I am an account holder of Bank Al Falah, and my ATM card is lost somewhere, I want to block it.

Operator: Mr. Hameed would you like to tell me your ID card number?

Customer: Yes, of course

Operator: Stay in the line, (after a short wait). Sir tell me your ATM cancellation date.

Customer: I don’t remember, but I can tell you my account number

Operator: Yes ok, stay on the line,

Operator: Sir your ATM card has been blocked, please contact your branch

Want to know more?

Customer: No thanks

Example telephone conversation of school administration for fee

Receptionist: Hi! Sir, I am from  Allied School. Are you  Ali’s father, Zubair?

Zubair: Yes, I am Ali’s father, how can I help you?

Receptionist: Mr. Ali’s July fee has not yet been received by the office, I am calling to remind you to please submit the fee by the 10th.

Zubair: Miss I am sorry, due to personal commitments I could not submit Ali’s fee on time this month, I will submit it by the due date.

Receptionist: Make it possible to pay the fee by the due date so that the child does not have to pay a penalty.

Zubair: Yes, I will try my best

Receptionist: Thank you, sir

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