Conversation Between Travel Agent and Customer [Dialogue]

Customer: Good morning, I need a return ticket to Canada

Travel agent: Good morning, which airline would you like to travel with?

Customer: Yes! It would be better if you book me an Air Canada ticket.

Travel agent: Friday flight from Karachi to Toronto at 11 am, this flight will be via Istanbul and Paris, where there will be a 3-hour layover.

Customer: How much is the business class fare?

Travel Agent: Yes, there is. Air Canada Business Class fare is $8,591 for a round-trip ticket.

Customer: How much is the fare if I want to take an economy class?

Travel agent: Yes miss you will get economy for $4479, I think the economy round trip will be good for you.

Customer: Yes! The business class ticket is too expensive, I would prefer the economy class, by the way, Air Canada has Paris and Istanbul routes, so can I travel between these countries for a few moments?

Travel Agent: Yes, this is the advantage of Air Canada flights, they give their passengers access to nearby tourist attractions during their stay, but the service is their own, which provides an opportunity for entertainment for a fixed period of time.

Customer: What are the necessary steps to take before traveling to Canada?

Travel agent: Conditions of entry from Pakistan to Canada

Entry is permitted only for fully vaccinated passengers.

Passengers are required to submit their travel plan and proof of vaccination using the Arrive CAN app prior to arrival

Unvaccinated Canadian citizens and residents are allowed to enter Canada but must self-quarantine for 14 days.

A negative COVID-19 test is issued no later than 3 days prior to arrival for unvaccinated passengers.

Customer: Ok I prepare it

Travel agent: OK, can I book an economy class round trip ticket, give me your passport.

Customer: Yes! you can confirm the Ticket. Do you have a credit card facility available?

Travel Agent: Yes, you can swipe the card and deposit your desired amount.

Customer: Yes. I have a company credit card.

Travel agent: Yes, no problem, you can use any card.

Travel Agent: Well you can sign here. Ms. You can now travel with a ‘smart bag’ on Air Canada. There are special instructions for traveling with a bag that has built-in charging, location tracking, or other battery-powered technology.

Customer: OK, besides what are any necessary instructions about the goods?

Travel Agent: If you are traveling with an infant on your lap, you can bring 1 additional standard bag for your baby’s luggage, all other baggage rules are strictly enforced. All bags over the maximum size will need to be checked, and additional checked baggage charges may apply.

Customer: Thanks for the information.

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