[Dialogue]Conversation between brother and sister

Sister: Hey listen! This weekend is the wedding anniversary of our parents. We will plan something. What do you say?

Brother: Oh yeah, I totally forgot about that, thanks for the reminder, yeah we should plan something.

Sister: See what I’m thinking, Mom and Dad, won’t be home until evening, right? So, we have a few days to plan the surprise.

Brother: Correct, children are the source of happiness for parents, just as parents work day and night for their children to make them good people, in the same way, children should also take care of their parents’ happiness.

Sister: Yes brother! Your words are heartwarming, it is a long journey of hard work of parents in responsibilities from childhood to youth and then marriages of children, every parent wants a better future for their children, rich or poor for the happiness of their children. They train better with heart and soul so that their children can keep their name alive in the world

Brother: Some unlucky children are those who do not value their parents. Earn a decent job and have a place in society.

Sister: Yes! We read and see such incidents in the media every day, and the deteriorating attitudes of society have trampled on them. Even those who live in poor times and living conditions are not ready to keep their parents with them, welfare institutions have become in the name of an old home in the society, where old parents have become a picture of helplessness and despair.

Brother: But! We still have moral values, and the family system in Europe, America, and other developed countries is suffering from degradation, the effect of which is now visible in our society.

Sister: Our religion also teaches the lesson of obeying and obeying parents, that is the reason why Islam has forbidden saying “no” to elderly parents.

Brother: The main purpose of education is to distinguish between good and bad, morals and values. The Holy Prophet (PBUH) also said that children have the right to serve their parents. Parents should be kept happy as much as possible so that their right is paid. This is beneficial all the time.

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