Conversation between two friends about online classes [Dialogue]

Nadeem: Dear Sajid, I want you to take the notes on Physics that the teacher taught in the online class. I could not listen to the lecture with attention.

Sajid: Sure, right now I am at the shop with my father, when I go back home, I will send you a screenshot on WhatsApp.

Nadeem: It’s ok. I am fed up with all the online classes that are going on. I miss school.

Sajid: Yes man I never thought I would miss my teachers so much. I remember that we were studying during class under the supervision of our teachers. There are many advantages of studying in a physical classroom, while it is very difficult to concentrate all in front of a computer!

Nadeem: Yes! I often fall asleep during lectures, unable to pay attention!

Sajid: Well, you are always sleeping, but man, education is now moving to online methods all over the world, we have to be a part of it.

Nadeem: You are right due to corona online classes have become compulsory, I wonder when we will join our class because I am not so much a fan of online classes.

Sajid: You know, even though we complain about it a lot, it’s the only way we can continue our studies. I also find that online classes are also compulsory because we also have to compete with time.

Nadeem: Yes, I agree with you, I also try my best to adapt myself to the times.

Sajid: Teachers are also trying their best to adapt to this unusual situation. Our teachers are in tune with modern requirements

Nadeem: Oh, yes! Besides, what more could we want? We can safely stay at home and continue our studies, while millions of people have to go out of their homes with such uncertainty and danger to do their jobs. We are completely safe.

Sajid: Yes! Dude you are right, but online classes have a problem that we can’t concentrate on what the teacher is saying because we don’t get full attention, that’s the difference between online and physical classes. , if the teacher is in front, the focus is on the lecture, while online is the home environment, it is difficult to sit staring at the computer.

Nadeem: Yes, but it is also necessary to adapt oneself to the changing style of the world.

Sajid: True. Thank you very much for your time.

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