Shopping Dialogue

In the dialogue, we will highlight the pros and cons of online shopping

Elizabeth: Man I have got a habit of online shopping since covid pandemic, the styles of the world have also changed, so I prefer online shopping. Online shopping has many advantages in which your selected good brands are easily available on offer and you get the option to choose the best items on your own.

Online shopping saves us from physical fatigue as we have to go to shopping malls. Since it doesn’t have to be tied to a timetable, it allows you to compare the price of one brand of goods to another. Similar to a train ticket or an airplane ticket. If you want to buy a ticket, you can go to many online sites to check the price, now all the essentials of tourism are available on the net shopping sites.  The most important thing is that we can get it anytime within 24 hours. We can make purchases with just a flick of a finger.

Robert: Along with the many advantages of online shopping, it is very important to keep in mind their disadvantages, one of them is that when you shop online, you enter your credit card number and it can be accessed by hackers at any time. They Can steal your data and gain access to your personal information such as your phone number, address, PIN numbers of cards, and can withdraw money from the account or make purchases. Similarly, there are many fake shopping sites on the net which appear to be trustworthy, as soon as you shop online, all your data and information will be exposed to them and you will continue to incur financial losses.

Elizabeth: I agree with you, but if we only shop directly from trusted stores, then there is no fear of losses, scientific and modern technology development has provided many facilities and conveniences to man, and Today’s man is sitting at home and doing shopping according to his choice and need from any corner of the world. In the same way, he can order the goods of every brand spread in the world at his home and can buy and sell his favorite items for which he is given many options. Like a credit card, debit card, net banking, etc

Robert: My point is different. If we want to protect ourselves from fraud and financial loss, then we should take time to physically go to the store and shop according to our choice, so that there is comfort and no fear of fraud.

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