Dialogue between a teacher and a student about the importance of English

Student: Sir! Why is English so important for us?

Teacher: It is an international language. It is used as a mother tongue in many countries. It is practiced in government and non-government institutions in almost all countries of the world. English is one of the most widely spoken languages ​​in the world. Currently, it is spoken and understood by more than 1.35 billion people worldwide

Student: Sir! There are many countries in the world that have developed in their mother tongue, but they have not accepted English, such as China and Germany are the top developed countries in the world. Why is English not included in the development of countries like them?

Teacher: Developed countries like China, and Germany, have never been under the rule of Great Britain in their country, these countries have ruled the world by themselves. When the United States became a superpower, it owed the world economy by its currency, the dollar, and introduced its language in different regions.

Student: How important it is to make English a medium of education, and can we not progress by introducing education in our mother tongue?

You will go to any country in the world, you will find people who speak and understand English, and for higher education, the curriculum of schools in the United Kingdom, America, and Europe is in English, that is why the importance of English is more than other languages. For example, work is being done in English on every forum, in the internet world, you cannot do or understand anything without English.

Student: Sir, how will one progress and cope with the time, who does not study English?

Teacher: The need of the hour is that it is important to acquire knowledge in English as well as other languages, as English is an international language, so English is required in every forum, online communication, health education, and research helper. Besides, being able to understand, speak, and write English is extremely important for business and job professionals in international markets, if you want to keep up with the global world and improve your country’s economy, and business. It is important to find new avenues of employment. English should be made a part of the curriculum as a compulsory subject so that it is possible to compete with the world.

Student: Is it very helpful for higher education?

Teacher: Good question. It is very important for higher education because all books of engineering and medical universities and colleges are written in English, English is very involved in new inventions, new experiments, and observations in the world, and as much research as possible in higher education curriculum. In this, English is at the top, the civil and judiciary of Pakistan, and correspondence in government offices is done in English.

Student: Good sir. Will it help us in the development of our nation?

Teacher: Oh of course, if you can improve your English skills by acquiring a lot of knowledge, your nation will automatically develop. English has an important role in the development of science and technology worldwide Including in the Middle East and other regions of the world that are gaining access to commercial markets. Thanks to proficiency in English.

Student: Sir, thank you very much sir for your valuable information.

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