Data Mining topics for presentation

Presentation topics related to Data Mining

1. Molecular feature mining in HIV data
2. Data mining and knowledge discovery in real life applications
3. Spatiotemporal data mining: Issues, tasks and applications
4. Rough set theory: a data mining tool for semiconductor manufacturing
5. Analysis of an energy efficient building design through data mining approach
6. Privacy-preserving data mining: methods, metrics, and applications
7. Systematic survey of big data and data mining in internet of things
8. Predicting dropout student: An application of data mining methods in an online education program.
9. Methods for mining HTS data
10. Analyzing bearing faults in wind turbines: A data-mining approach
11. Data mining library reuse patterns using generalized association rules
12. Advanced techniques in knowledge discovery and data mining
13. Data mining of metal ion environments present in protein structures
14. Active mining: new directions of data mining
15. The use of data mining and neural networks for forecasting stock market returns
16. Methodologies of knowledge discovery from data and data mining methods in mechanical engineering
17. A data mining approach to modelling of water supply assets
18. An incident information management framework based on data integration, data mining, and multi-criteria decision making
19. Data mining for signals in spontaneous reporting databases: proceed with caution
20. Literature review of data mining applications in academic libraries
21. Forecasting fraudulent financial statements using data mining
22. Data mining and knowledge discovery.
23. Risk mining in medicine: Application of data mining to medical risk management
24. Application of data mining techniques to model breast cancer data
25. Random projection-based multiplicative data perturbation for privacy preserving distributed data mining
26. Time series feature extraction for data mining using DWT and DFT
27. Mining patterns of events in students’ teamwork data
28. Data mining techniques for wireless sensor networks: A survey
29. A survey on graphic processing unit computing for large‐scale data mining
30. Association rule hiding for data mining
31. Shared memory parallelization of data mining algorithms: Techniques, programming interface, and performance
32. Effective counterterrorism and the limited role of predictive data mining
33. Tada-ed for educational data mining
34. A novel approach for breast cancer detection using data mining techniques
35. Data mining technology for the evaluation of web-based teaching and learning systems
36. Educational data mining applications and tasks: A survey of the last 10 years
37. Predicting going concern opinion with data mining
38. Assessment of the risk factors of coronary heart events based on data mining with decision trees
39. Data mining and text mining technologies for collaborative learning in an ILMS” Ssamurai”
40. Ontology of core data mining entities
41. A data mining system for infection control surveillance
42. Demon: Mining and monitoring evolving data
43. Evolving limitations in K-means algorithm in data mining and their removal
44. Mapping student’s performance based on data mining approach (a case study)
45. Adaptive regression and model selection in data mining problems
46. Data mining research: Opportunities and challenges
47. A comparative study of data mining algorithms for network intrusion detection
48. Developing an approach to evaluate stocks by forecasting effective features with data mining methods
49. Data mining in metric space: an empirical analysis of supervised learning performance criteria
50. Big data, mining, and analytics: components of strategic decision making
51. Turning telecommunications call details to churn prediction: a data mining approach
52. Data mining in cancer research [application notes]
53. A survey of data mining techniques on risk prediction: Heart disease
54. Predicting school failure and dropout by using data mining techniques
55. A study on feature selection techniques in educational data mining
56. Formal concept analysis for knowledge discovery and data mining: The new challenges
57. A data mining framework to analyze road accident data
58. Proactive data mining using decision trees
59. A process for mining science & technology documents databases, illustrated for the case of” knowledge discovery and data mining”
60. Going concern prediction using data mining techniques
61. Curation by code: Infomediaries and the data mining of taste
62. Data mining
63. A hybrid approach of neural network and memory-based learning to data mining
64. Data mining of the public version of the FDA Adverse Event Reporting System
65. Data mining techniques for cancer detection using serum proteomic profiling
66. Fuzzy rule selection by multi-objective genetic local search algorithms and rule evaluation measures in data mining
67. A data-mining model for protection of FACTS-based transmission line
68. A review of financial accounting fraud detection based on data mining techniques
69. A study of data mining tools in knowledge discovery process
70. Performance analysis of data mining classification techniques to predict diabetes
71. Framework for efficient feature selection in genetic algorithm based data mining
72. Trade-off between computation time and number of rules for fuzzy mining from quantitative data
73. Data mining methods for the content analyst: An introduction to the computational analysis of content
74. Performance analysis and prediction in educational data mining: A research travelogue
75. Using Meta-Learning to Support Data Mining.
76. Data mining: Concepts, methods and applications in management and engineering design
77. Data mining in personalizing distance education courses
78. Determination of factors influencing the achievement of the first-year university students using data mining methods
79. Data mining meets performance evaluation: Fast algorithms for modeling bursty traffic
80. Data mining on imbalanced data sets
81. Data mining et statistique décisionnelle: l’intelligence des données
82. Konsep data mining vs sistem pendukung keputusan
83. Data Mining (Datenmustererkennung)
84. Технологии анализа данных: Data Mining, Text Mining, Visual Mining, OLAP. 2 изд.
85. Preâmbulo [a]” Data mining: descoberta de conhecimento em bases de dados”
86. Assoziationsregeln–Analyse eines Data Mining Verfahrens
87. Conceitos e aplicações de data mining
88. Data mining im praktischen Einsatz
89. Analisi dei dati e data mining per le decisioni aziendali
90. Методы и модели анализа данных: OLAP и Data Mining
91. Analisi dei dati e data mining
92. Data Mining in der Medizin und Medizintechnik
93. Классификация, регрессия и другие алгоритмы Data Mining с использованием R
94. Orange: Data mining fruitful and fun-a historical perspective
95. Data warehouse & data mining
96. Data Mining: Klasifikasi Menggunakan Algoritma C4. 5