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Frequent pattern Mining, Closed frequent itemset, max frequent itemset in data mining

Frequent pattern 

The frequent pattern is a pattern that occurs again and again (frequently) in a dataset.

A pattern can be a set of items, substructures, and subsequences etc.

Closed frequent itemset

If itemset has no superset with the same frequency

Max frequent itemset

If itemset does not have any frequent supersets.

Examples of  Frequent pattern, Closed frequent itemset, Max frequent itemset

It is compulsory to set a min_support that can defines which itemset is frequent. An itemset is frequent if its support is greater or equal to  min_support. Suppose the minimum support is 1 and there are two transactions T1 and T2

T1 = {A1, A2, A3, ……………….A19, A20}

T2 = {A1, A2, A3, …….A9, A10}

Set of closed frequent itemset / Closed pattern :

T1 = {A1, A2, A3, ……………….A19, A20}

The frequency of T1 is 1

 T2 = {A1, A2, A3, …….A9, A10}

The frequency of T2 is 2 

Set of max frequent itemset / max pattern :

T1 = {A1, A2, A3, ……………….A19, A20}

T1 is representing max pattern.

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