Cloud Computing Topics for presentation

Presentation topics related to Cloud Computing

1. Cloud Computing Cryptography
2. Research on Adaptive Relationship between Trust and Privacy in Cloud Service
3. IoT-Based Big Data Storage Systems in Cloud Computing
4. A Flexible Access Control with User Revocation in Fog-Enabled Cloud Computing
5. Comparative Analysis of MCT Load Balancing Approach in Cloud Computing Environment
6. Cloud, Edge and Fog Computing in Healthcare
7. A Novel Approach of Resource Scheduling Algorithm to Improve QoS in Green Cloud Computing
8. A data layout method suitable for workflow in a cloud computing environment with speech applications
9. Cloud Computing and AWS
10. The mediating role of cloud computing in the relationship between talent management and competitive advantages
11. Mitigating Cloud Computing Cybersecurity Risks Using Machine Learning Techniques
12. Securing the Public Cloud: Host-Obscure Computing with Secure Enclaves
13. Data Security & Future Issues for Cloud Computing
14. Multi-objective Task Scheduling Using Chaotic Quantum-Behaved Chicken Swarm Optimization (CQCSO) in Cloud Computing Environment
15. Intrusion Detection Method Based on MapReduce for Evolutionary Feature Selection in Mobile Cloud Computing
16. Comprehensive flood risk analysis at your fingertip through cloud-computing and standardized approach
17. Applications and Challenges of Cloud Integrated IoMT
18. A Modified Round Robin Method to Enhance the Performance in Cloud Computing
19. A Flexible Billing Life Cycle for Cloud Services Using Augmented Customer Agreements
20. Advanced Deadline-Sensitive Scheduling Approaches in Cloud Computing
21. A Load Balancing VMs Migration Approach for Multi-tier Application in Cloud Computing Based on Fuzzy Set and Q-Learning Algorithm
22. Fog-Integrated Cloud Architecture enabled multi-attribute combinatorial reverse auctioning framework
23. Secure Search and Storage Services in Cloud and Fog/Edge Computing
24. Effective Utilization of Face Verification in Fog Computing on Cloud Architecture
25. A Survey of Load Balanced Job Scheduling Schemes in Cloud Computing
26. Virtual machine placement in cloud data centers using a hybrid multi-verse optimization algorithm
27. Migration of existing software systems to mobile computing platforms: a systematic mapping study
28. Privacy Preservation for Data Sharing with Multi-party Access Control in Cloud Computing: A Review Paper
29. A QoS Aware Binary Salp Swarm Algorithm for Effective Task Scheduling in Cloud Computing
30. A Survey on Electronic Health Records Using Cloud Computing Environment
31. On Security and Data Integrity Framework for Cloud Computing Using Tamper-Proofing
32. Enhanced Flower Pollination Algorithm for Task Scheduling in Cloud Computing Environment
33. Cloud Computing Big Data Adoption Impacts on Teaching and Learning in Higher Education: A Systematic Review
34. Channel Coding and Modulation Technology in Satellite Communication Based on Cloud Computing
36. Cloud-based intelligent self-diagnosis and department recommendation service using Chinese medical BERT
37. Study of Bond-Agent-Based Resource Discovery in Cloud Computing
38. Competitive Study of Various Task-Scheduling Algorithm in Cloud Computing
39. CSII-TSBCC: Comparative Study of Identifying Issues of Task Scheduling of Big data in Cloud Computing