Let us see the Computer Science Abbreviation Solved MCQs.

1. ATM stands for _______ .
A. Automated Tally Machine
B. Automated Total Machine
C. Automatic Teller Machine
D. Automatic Transaction of Money
Answer C

2. What is the full form of AIDS?
A. Acquired Immune Decency Syndrome
B.Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome
C.Acquired Immunity Deficiency Syndrome
D.Acquired Immune Defense Syndrome
Answer B

3. BRIC stands for ______.
A.Bangladesh, Romania, Indonesia, and Cambodia
B.Botswana, Rwanda, Ivory Coast, and Croatia
C.Bangladesh, Romania, India, and Cambodia
D.Brazil, Russia, India, and China
Answer D

4. What is the full form of EVM?
A.Electronic Voting Machines
B.Electronic Voters Machines
C.Electrical Voting Machines
D.Electronic Vote Machines
Answer A

5. What is the full form of IRBM?
A.Intermediate Resource Ballistic Missile
B.Intermediate-Range Ballistic Missile
C.Intermediate-Range of Ballistic Missile
D.Intermediate-Range Ballistic Missile
Answer B

6. What is the full form of PIN?
A.Postal Indent Number
B.Postal Index Number
C.Past Index Number
D.Postman Index Number
Answer B

7. What is the full form of PWD?
A.Person Works Department
B.People Works Department
C.Private Works Department
D.Public Works Department
Answer D

8. What is the full form of R&D?
A.Research and Development
B.Research and Developed
C.Research advance Development
D.Recruit and Development
Answer A

9. What is the full form of RADAR?
A.Radio Device and Ranging
B.Region Device and Ranging
C.Radio Detecting and Ranging
D.Radio Detect and Rings
Answer C

10. What is the full form of RAM?
A. Read Access Memory
B.Random Access Memory
C.Random Access Machine
D.Range Access Machine
Answer B

11. What is the full form of BEL?
A.Bharat Electronics Limited
B.Bureau of Energy Limited
C.Bank Equity Leasing
D.Business on Energy Linked
Answer A

12. What is the full form of BIOS?
A.Basic Input Output System
B.Bureau of Information Science
C.Business Investment on Shares
D.Broadcasting and Information Organisation
Answer A

13. What is the full form of BPR?
A.Business Process Re-engineering
B.Bureau of Physics and Research
C.Business Plan and Research
D.Building on Problem Relation
Answer A

14. What is the full form of BSE?
A.Basic Systems Engineering
B.Bombay Stock Exchange
C.Board of Secondary Education
D.Business Enterprise Server
Answer B

15. What is the full form of BPO?
A.Business Process Outsourcing
B.Basic Principle Overview
C.Bureau of Preliminary Objective
D.Board of Physics Organisation
Answer A

16. What is the full form of BIT?
A.Bureau of Information Technology
B.Business on Investment Trading
C.Binary Digit
D.Basic Input Technology
Answer C

17. What is the full form of CDMA?
A.Common Division Multiple Account
B.Code Divided Multiplier Access
C. Code Distributed Multiple Access
D.Code Division Multiple Access
Answer D

18. What is the full form of CBSE?
A.Common Board for Secondary Education
B.Central Board of Secondary Education
C.Code for Business and Statistical Education
D.Center for Business and Statistical Environment
Answer B

19. What is the full form of CBI?
A.Central Bureau of Investigation
B.Crime Bureau of Investigation
C.Central Board of Investigation
D.Central Bribe Investigation
Answer A

20. What is the full form of CAT?
A.Common Application Test
B.Common Admission Test
C.Code of Admission Test
D.Code of Authentication Technic
Answer B

21. What is the full form of EVM?
A. Electronic Vote Machines
B. Electronic Voters Machines
C. Electrical Voting Machines
D. Electronic Voting Machines
Answer D

3. ‘ISP’ stands for :
(a) Internet Service Provider
(b) Industrial Services Program
(c) Information Service Provider
(d) International Services Program

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