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A data warehouse is which of the following

Which of the following is correct for data warehouse?

(A). Organized around important subject areas.
(B). Contains numerous naming conventions and formats.
(c). Can be updated by end users.
(D). Contains only current data.
Answer: Organized around important subject areas.

Difference between data warehouse and data mart

Attribute Data mart Data warehouse
difficulty to build easy Difficult
Amount of memory limited bigger
Scope of the data department-wide enterprise-wide
Number of subject areas single many
time required  to build less more


Data warehouse Alternative names

  1. Business Intelligence Solution
  2. Executive Information System
  3. Management Information System
  4. Analytic Application
  5. Decision Support System (DSS)


Types of Data Warehouse

  1. Data Mart
  2. Operational Data Store
  3. Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW)

Components of Data warehouse

  1. Query Manager:
  2. End-user access tools:
  3. Load manager:
  4. Warehouse Manager:

Tools for Data Warehouse

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