Data Warehouse System Development Life Cycle – DWH SDLC 

Data Warehouse System Development Life Cycle – DWH SDLC

DWH SDLC (CLDS) Comparison of SDLC & CLDS

The Operational environment can be created by using the classical system development life cycle (SDLC).

The DWH operates under CLDS. CLDS is the reverse of SDLC.

The classical SDLC is requirement driven. In order to build the system, we must first understand the customer requirements. Then we can move to the design phase, and programming phase, after that testing, integration and implementation phase.

The CLDS can be considered as the reverse of the SDLC. The CLDS starts with the implementation of the data warehouse. Once the data warehouse is built, then we need to integrate the data, tested the data. The biasness test is conducted to check the biasness of the data. Programs are then written to get the results from the data. After all these activities data can be analyzed for getting accurate results and then understand the requirements.