Which functional dependency type is not present in the following dependencies?

RegNo -> SName, Fee, ClassID, ClassName
ClassID -> ClassName
RegNo -> ClassName
(A). Full functional dependency
(B). Transitive functional dependency
(C). Partial functional dependency
(D). Both B and C
Answer :(C).Partial functional dependency

A). Full functional dependency found and partial is not found: Each of the tables among these 3 tables having only 1 primary key, so there is no way to occur partial functional dependency. So, we can say that it follows full functional dependency.
B). Transitive functional dependency found: ClassName depends on ClassID and ClassID depends on RegNo.

What is Full functional and partial functional; dependency?

All non-key attributes are fully functionally dependent on the primary key attribute. The partial dependency of non-key attributes on the primary key attribute is not allowed.

second normal form 2NF Full functional dependency

What is Transitive dependency?

Transitive dependency means that a non-prime attribute A( other than the candidate key) depends on another non-prime attribute B and that B is entirely dependent on the candidate key.

examples of transitive dependcy diagram

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