Photoshop MCQs

What is actual work of Photoshop?
A) Used for Programming
B) Used for Animation
C) Used for Graphics
D) Used for Typing
Answer: Used for Graphics

Image Ready credit goes to Which company?
A) Cisco Systems
B) Citrix Systems
C) Adobe Systems
D) None of these
Answer: Adobe Systems

Photoshop have a which File Extension?
A) Bmp
B) Tiff
C) Txt
D) Psd
Answer: Psd

In Photoshop, we have a menu that have duplicate layer option ?
A) Image
B) Edit
C) Filter
D) Layer
Answer: Layer

Gradient tool is the feature of which software?
A) Photoshop
B) Painting
C) Page maker
D) All of these
Answer: Photoshop

What is the Full form of DPI?
A) Disk Point Inch
B) Dots per ink
C) Dots per inch
D) Display per inch
Answer: Dots per inch

RGB stand for?
A) Red Green Blue
B) Red Gray Black
C) Red Green Brown
D) Red Gray Blue
Answer: Red Gray Blue

CMYK stands for?
A) Cyan Magenta Yellow Black
B) Cyan Magenta Yellow Blue
C) Cyan Magenta Yellow Brown
D) Cream Magenta Yellow Kole
Answer: Cyan Magenta Yellow Black

Which of the following is the extension that supports Transparency in photoshop?
A) Jpeg
B) Jpg
C) Gif
D) Png
Answer: Png

GIF stands for?
A) Gray-scale Interchange file
B) Graphics inter file
C) Graphics Interchange Format
D) Graphics Interchange file
Answer: Graphics Interchange Format

The image quality Does not effects when the image is created with which of the following file type?
A) Gif
B) Jpeg
C) Png
D) Tiff

Select the formats that is not an image format in photoshop?
Answer: DPI

In HSB color model, S stands for?
A) Color
B) Brightness
C) Saturation
D) All of these
Answer: Saturation

When we want to print an image, then ____ is helpful.
D) Gray Scale
Answer: CMYK

Which of the following is the Example of Vector Image in photoshop?
D) None of these
Answer: EPS

Red, yellow and blue are ___?
A) Complementary colors
B) Secondary colors
C) Tertiary colors
D) Primary colors
Answer: Primary colors

Photoshop was introduced in which year?
A) 1985
B) 1988
C) 1984
D) 1990
Answer: 1988

Photoshop is the product of which company?
B) Aldus
C) Adobe
D) Microsoft
Answer: Adobe

Image in your folder is a combination of ____?
B) Drawing
C) Pixels
D) None of these
Answer: Pixels

The hierachy of activities to create a new file in Photoshop is___?
A) Start > New File
B) File > Open
C) Create > New
D) File > New
Answer: File > New

A duplicate layer of a layer in photoshop can be created with which shortcut key?
A) Ctrl+H
B) Ctrl+D
C) Ctrl+X
D) Ctrl+J
Answer: Ctrl+J

What is the shortcut key to create a new file in Photoshop?
A) File, new
B) Ctrl + N
C) Ctrl+Shift+N
D) Shift+N
Answer: B

Raster Image can be considered as _____image?
A) Color
B) Curve
C) Bitmap
D) Graphic
Answer: Bitmap

We can move an image in Photoshop with which tool?
A) Move Tool
B) Selection Tool
C) Both a and b
D) Slice Tool
Answer: Move Tool

Which tool is helpful to select identical pixels of an image?
A) Lasso Tool
B) Clone Tool
C) Magic Eraser Tool
D) Magic Tool
Answer: Magic Tool

We can fill single color in background of an image in photoshop with the help of which tool?
A) Gradient Tool
B) Paint Bucket Tool
C) Paint Tool
D) Background Tool
Answer: Paint Tool

GIF stands for
A) Gray scale Interchange file
B) Graphics inter file
C) Graphics Interchange Format
D) Graphics Interchange file
Answer: Graphics Interchange Format

We can remove any spot in the given image with the help of Which tool?
A) Spot Healing Brush Tool
B) Spot Brush Tool
C) Eraser Tool
D) Gradient Tool
Answer: Spot Healing Brush Tool

We can blur the image in photoshop with which of the following?
A) Sharp
B) Smudge
C) Blur
D) None of these
Answer: Blur

We can make selection in the round shape with the help of which tool?
A) Rectangle Tool
B) Ellipse Tool
C) Circle Tool
D) Pen Tool
Answer: Ellipse Tool

Which tool is used to select any color from the image in Photoshop
A) Paint Bucket
B) Eyedropper
C) Zoom
D) Pen
Answer: B

With help of which tool the character is inserted in Photoshop
A) Slice Tool
B) Pencil Tool
C) Pen Tool
D) Type Tool
Answer: Type Tool

The modification of image size is called___?
A) Selection
B) Contract
C) Modify
D) Transform
Answer: Transform
We can light the pixels of the image in by using which of the following tool?
A) Dodge
B) Sharpen
C) Burn
D) Smudge
Answer: Dodge

The palettes that are not in Photoshop are _____?
A) Drawing
B) Navigator
C) Channel
D) Layer
Answer: Drawing

Zoom Out in photoshop is done by which of the following shortcut key?
A) Ctrl + :
B) Ctrl + J
C) Ctrl + F
D) Ctrl + –
Answer: Ctrl + –

Which features are in FILTER?
A) Liquefy
B) Noise
C) Blur
D) All of these
Answer: D

The ______ palettes are not displayed by default in Photoshop.
A) Color Palette
B) Navigator Palette
C) History Palette
D) Both b and c
Answer: History Palette

What is the use of Crop Tool?
A) painting the image
B) moving the image
C) cutting the image
D) selecting the image
Answer: cutting the image

We can remove the selection on the image with ____key?
A) Ctrl+D
B) Ctrl+C
C) Ctrl+V
D) Ctrl+I
Answer: Ctrl+D

___is not a selection tool
A) Pen Tool
B) Magic Wand Tool
C) Polygonal Lasso Tool
D) Lasso Tool
Answer: Pen Tool

Which ofeature is missing in Photoshop?
A) Palette
B) Option Toolbar
C) Toolbox
D) Drawing Toolbar
Answer: Drawing Toolbar

_____is called painting tool.
A) Gradient Tool
B) Pencil Tool
C) Brush Tool
D) All of these
Answer: D

The information of the tool being used, image size, etc is in ______palette.
A) Navigator Palette
B) Info Palette
C) Layer Palette
D) History Palette
Answer: Info Palette

New Layer in Photoshop can be built with which of the following hierarchy?
A) File>New
B) Edit>New
C) Image>New
D) Layer>New
Answer: Layer>New

The menu that is not a menu in Photoshop is ____?
A) Image
B) Tools
C) Filter
D) Select
Answer: Tools

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