Windows Operating Systems Security

Windows Security

In today’s word, security is the main issue for systems. It is important to make our device secure from vulnerabilities. Different threats and viruses appeared on our system regularly, so it is necessary to install up-to-date security software. Security can be only maintained if our system receives security updates automatically on regular basis.

To achieve protection at the highest level, Microsoft offers a vast verity of tools and technologies which gives many resources to make our system secure.

Types of security Protection Given by Microsoft:

  • Security Updates:

Common security threats (including viruses and malware) attacks daily on our system. Microsoft offers updated packages regularly through Microsoft website. The process can be performed by enabling automatic update service access through the control panel. We can choose protections or updates from authentic websites.

  • Tools and Tips:

Our system gets protection by large no of advice given by Microsoft.

These are some tools helpful for system security.

  • MS Malicious Software Removal Tool:

It checks the system under the presence of specific software to find out the malicious activities and removes viruses. This tool can be applicable to Windows XP, Windows 2000 and windows server 2003.

  • Windows Defender (Beta):

It helps to take action if any spyware or any unwanted activity found in the system. It helps to remove them permanently.

  • MS Security Essentials:

It consists of a website used to determine what operating system is running currently in our system and then gives customize advice to increases the security on our computer.

  • Security Response Center (SRC):

Security vulnerabilities and incidents resolved by SRC. It encompasses a security expert team, involving in analyzing and monitoring the major security issues that need to be solved out throughout the different channels.

Monthly result generated to deliver security updates, tools and tips for customers

  • Windows firewall:

In early days Microsoft introduces in Windows XP new feature called firewall for internet security it was a packet filtering function it was included in Windows XP and windows server 2003 but more enhance or more affecting in windows services pack 2 it was windows security from internet connection malware and security. known as internet connection firewall.


When Windows XP shipped in oct 2001 firewall is in limited addition  ‘’internet connection firewall’’  it was blocked because backward compatibility and its configuration screen do not work properly network configuration screen so the user never looks a result. In Mid 2003 used properly because ‘’blaster worm’’ attacked a large number of computers. So after several months later same type of worm   ‘’Sasser worm” are affecting the computer in 2004  and did something similar but that time criticism on  Microsoft because are not protecting customer machine from the company decided to significantly improve functionality and interference of Windows XP’s built Firewall and switch on by default windows SP2

Security log capability is included which are record IP address and always tracking a computer on the network connection. And it can record dropped data packets and successful connections.