Difference/Comparison of DOS and WINDOWS

Difference/Comparison of DOS and WINDOWS


DOS is the abbreviation of Disk Operating System. It was released in 1981. The hard disk drive is responsible to run DOS if it does not found DOS can’t run. Disk operating system which is most commonly used is MS-DOS.

MS-DOS is the abbreviation of Microsoft Disk Operating System.

Comparison of DOS and windows
Figure: Comparison of DOS and windows


As we know that window is basically the collection of many different or same programs which collection is known as the operating system (OS). OS is responsible to control the PC, only OS can do it. The first window was invented in 1985. After some time there is need to update the window because the computer requires more memory just when the internet was invented, obviously the processing chips need to get faster. Windows have the ability to control the storage of data e: g different types of files and images etc.

One thing that everyone should know about DOS and WINDOWS is that they both are OPERATING SYSTEM (OS), but they have lot of differences some major are given below ;

  • DOS can do only a single task whereas WINDOW is multitasking.
  • DOS consist of (CLI) COMMAND LINE INTERFACE on the other hand window consist of (GUI) GRAPHICAL USER INTERFACE.
  • DOS is not time sharing but WINDOW can share time.
  • DOS is totally based on text in WINDOW by one click on an icon command can be given.
  • In case of networking DOS is not supportive whereas WINDOW is supporting networking.
  • In DOS there is need to remember all the commands. In WINDOWS all command is easily available or given at that time.
  • In WINDOW multiple windows can open at a time but in DOS we can open only a single window at a time.

Administration of server is not possible in case of DOS while it is possible in case of WINDOW.