User Interface HMI CUI Augmented Reality

User Interface (UI)
user interface (UI) industrial style is that the field of human-computer interaction this is that the area wherever interactions between humans and machines occur. to permit effective operation and management of the machine from the human finish is that the goal of this interaction, while the machine at the same time feeds back info that aids the operators’ decision-making method. interactive aspects of pc in operation systems has some kinds of this broad construct of user interfaces enclosed, significant machinery operator controls, hand tools and method controls.

once making user interfaces area unit associated with or involve such disciplines the look concerns applicable as biotechnology and psychological science.
Generally, to supply a interface that makes it straightforward, efficient, and pleasant (user-friendly) to control a machine within the manner that produces the specified result’s the goal of interface style . the operator has to offer stripped input to realize the specified output, and conjointly that the machine minimizes unsought outputs to the human is mostly means that.
human-machine interface (HMI)
One or a lot of layers as well as a human-machine interface (HMI) composed the user interfaces .interfaces machines with physical input hardware like game pads , keyboards, mice and output hardware like pc monitors, speakers, printers. human interface device (HID). is that the device that implements associate degree HMI .

man-machine interface (MMI) is that the different terms for human-machine interfaces and one or a lot of human sense interacts with once the machine in question may be a pc human-computer interface. further UI layers, ), exteroception UI (smell), equilibrial UI (balance), including: tactile UI (touch), auditive UI (soundand gustative UI (taste).,visual UI (sight).
Composite user interfaces (CUI)
UIs that move with 2 or a lot of senses area unit composite user interfaces (CUI) . graphical interface (GUI), is that the commonest CUI that consists of a visible UI and a tactile UI capable of displaying graphics. It becomes a transmission interface (MUI). once sound is value-added to a user interface .Standard, virtual and increased area unit 3 broad classes of CUI. Keyboards, mice, and pc monitors normal composite user interfaces use normal human interface devices. the $64000 world to make a video game once the CUI blocks out., the CUI is virtual that uses a video game interface.
Augmented Reality,
the $64000 world and creates increased reality once the CUI doesn’t block out, the CUI is increased associate degreed uses an increased reality interface. , it’s known as a qualia interface once a UI interacts with all human senses, named once the speculation of qualia.

CUI even be classified by what percentage senses they move with as either associate degree X-sense increased reality interface or X-sense video game interface , wherever X is that the range of senses interfaced with. like, normal CUI with visual show, sound, a Smell-O-Vision may be a 3-sense (3S) and smells.

it’s aforementioned to be a 4-sense (4S) video game interface once video game interfaces interface with smells and bit. and it’s aforementioned to be a 4-sense (4S) increased reality interface once increased reality interfaces interface with smells and bit.