Windows 7 or Windows 8 – Which one is better for me

Windows 7  or Windows 8 – Which one is better for me

windows 7 vs windows 8 desktop screen comparison
Figure: Windows 7 vs Windows 8 desktop screen comparison

Windows 7

Mostly user uses Windows XP. These windows are very common in the Market. So, Microsoft has inaugurated an operating system in the form of Windows 7 in 2009. Windows 7 has many features as compared to previous windows like XP, Vista.

Comparison table of windows 7  8 10
Figure: Comparison table of windows 7 8 10

Windows 7 is easy to use, also easy to Installed. Windows 7 have Graphical user Interface to give permission to a user to display the gadgets on the screen like a watch, Calendar. Some gadgets built in this Operating system.  After spending little time on windows by the user, wallpaper can change automatically. Windows 7 has 3 different types.

  1. Windows 7 Professional
  2. Windows 7 Ultimate
  3. Windows 7 Home

This Window has the function of a touch display system. Windows 7 has some new of these features is a “Search” feature. This feature is called Windows feature. The user finds anything in a system so just press windows button from mouse/Keyboard and type a name of a file, some files shown in the box.  Another function is sharing media files or some other data. At least 2GB ram for installation and working of this Windows.

Windows 8

As we know Windows 7 most rarely use in the market of computer science. Microsoft has launched another operating system in the form of Windows 8. Windows 8 has manufacturing in 2012, but it has launched in the market properly succeed in 2015. Windows 8 have abilities. These features are not in Windows 7 which is why these windows more successfully and effectively in the market.  Windows 8 taking time for installation hardly 15-20 minutes. Windows 8 has built-in own basic drivers. These windows are also used in Tabs. The reaction of windows towards its performance, security and other firewall work is perfect. Windows 8 has windows store, a user downloads some application. Windows 8 has a new mail application.

Windows 7 or Windows 8 - Which one is better for me
Figure: Windows 7 or Windows 8 – Which one is better for me

Comparison between Windows 7 and Windows 8

If a comparison between Windows 7 and Windows 8 so I choose Windows 8. It has universal popularity and operating system till now. It supports complete all drivers by itself. Windows 8 has a fast boot up, working fast.  Windows 8 shows an update of the operating system, it is a good step for a user, update windows and gets new functions. PC has good aspects for installation of Windows 8. It is better as compared to Windows 7 in many ways.

If we working as a professional work must be necessary u have Windows 8 on our PCs.  Although Windows 8 has more enterprise features as a default. Just one issue come for a user, that issue is Limited Internet sometimes, shown yellow caution symbol on the icon of wireless. That issue does not show always. Otherwise, that window will be impressive in all windows.


Every window has better functions to perform a task on windows. Microsoft used Windows 8 as a guest for taking a better result of our work or any other task. Windows 8 faster as compared to other windows. A speed of Operating system is too good and performs any task on any tool. Windows 8 gives better result in another aspect of windows, also better performs on troubleshoot.


Security is a serious issue for all windows. User think about his data to those data are very important for the user. And save the data in the drive. Security is the main part of any windows. If we have no security so hack a PCs. Get all the information about the user.

So Microsoft shows their guts on the security of Operating system. Now many software or programs to secure the PCs.  Must be necessary for Microsoft must view on security, and better the security from pass windows.

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