Role of IT in Business

Role of IT in Business

A successful business depends upon many factors one of the important factors in choosing the right technology. An essential use of technology in business for more success and communicate through a platform like software, E-mail, video chat, and different internet technologies as well.

Information technology has become very helpful in the business field. Whatever the business is small or big. In all the organizations and companies IT is helpful for the manager and employees to work in a more efficient way, solve all the rising problems in an easy way. Recover the entire problem and teach how to manage all complexity and how to get more success. Information technology makes this all world like a global village. It allows the organization to make a virtual meeting with clients through video chat, which saves lots of time and effort of the company. They have no need to waste lots of money on traveling. All the employees can access and share all information at the same time when the company makes a meeting with another client in another city. All employees can also work remotely so the company may save lots of costs. The company easily solves lots of problems using IT technologies.

Importance of IT in Daily Operations

  1. Through the IT business is improved because the company can finish their tasks more easily and in a cheaper way.
  2. All the data is stored on a centralized database.
  3. It makes the company more productive.
  4. It helps the company to save lots of money and effort.
  5. It enhances the capability of decision making.
  6. It is also helpful for the employee to improve their performance.
  7. It also helps the company to expand globally
  8. It provides staff access to company information whatever and whenever they need it.

Important of IT in Business

Here some points we define the importance of IT in business

  1. Improved Company Communication

An important use of IT in business to improve communication. Through the IT technology, the company used different technologies such as E-mail, Video chat, Conferencing software. All these facilities make the company make a meeting with employees and other clients in any city and even out of the country; they easily make a virtual meeting with clients and also share information with them. It saves lots of effort and money of the company that will be waste ion traveling. This all makes the company more efferent.

  1. Batter Customers Experience

IT is also helping to provide batter customer experience through batter customer services and using e-commerce IT enables the customer to interact with the company in working hours through company websites. The customer also sends a message through E-mail and ask about new products. Through tracking customers a company can see all sales and feedback of the customer about products and it provides help to the company to improve their products. The customers are also able to make online shopping.

  1. Improved Decision Making Ability

IT plays an important role in decision making. There is a software ERP and decision support system that helps the company to improve its performance and provides great help in making complex decisions. This type of software has a dashboard that provide information about finance, customer sales, and marketing trends, etc. This all information is really helpful for the manager of the company; he used this information to make a decision about new products, supply, and material order,

  1. Inventory Management

All the companies need to maintain more socks to fulfill the requirements without any delay. The Inventory management systems are helpful to identify the quantity of each product a company and make a list for the additional stock by using a way of inventory management. It becomes more important for the company because the organization needs to maintain enough stock to meet customer requirements. By using IT in inventory management, it also will also provide help to the company to maintains, triggering when it comes to managing inventory.

  1. Manage Information Systems

Data and Information are a more valuable thing for any organization and this important information needs a more secure and safe place. Data play an important role in the strategic plan for getting the purpose. MIS(Management Information System) should be used by the company to track sales data, daily expenses, and products well. This information provide help to calculate profits from time to time,  how to maximize return on investment and recognize areas of improvement.

  1. Customer Relationship Management

All Companies are using IT in improving the relationship with customers.CRM (Customer Relationship Management) used to capture each and every relation a company has with a customer, through this more experience gain. If a customer has any issue he makes a call to center and reports an issue, the customer relations officer will be able to view all customer’s shopping information, what he purchased, call up the training manual for that item and effectively respond to the issue.

Other Business Role of IT

  1. It allows different companies to store data in a database or in the cloud . It reduces the use of papers.
  2. It provides more security and easy backup of data.
  3. Internet able the company to use a system like wireless cameras to improve security and reduce the chances of risk.
  4. It provides great help to save data and do not loss confidential data.
  5. It is helpful for people to search for different companies for jobs and easily allay online through company websites.

Advantages of IT in business

  1. It improves the communication of organizations.
  2. It provides great help in making decisions through different software tools.
  3. It improved Manufacturing Productivity
  4. Improved Finance Performance
  5. Improves customer relationships with the organization.
  6. It provides a great platform for employees to improve their experience.
  7. I save lots of effort and money for organizations.
  8. It provides great virtual and coloration.
  9. It provides a vast amount of data sharing.
  10. Improved customer’s services by solving their problems on time.

Disadvantages of IT in Business

  1. It is really difficult for the company to train staff for new technologies.
  2. There are lots of security issues.
  3. By providing too many communications that it may result in some important personal information being leaked to the public.
  4. Many software and hardware are more expensive.

Best Business Management Softwares and Web Services Working as IT in Business

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