Android Phone Battery Timing Killers

Android Phone Battery Timing Killers

Today technology improves in every field of life. Battery life is a really important aspect of smartphones nowadays but that hasn’t improved as much as other technology. So there are obviously some battery killers that kill the battery of the Android very quickly like playing games and watching videos etc. but there are also some battery killers that kill our smartphones battery life that we may not have known about.

Android Phone Battery Timing Killers

Background activity Apps Refresh

This feature can also kill the life of the battery. The background app refresh feature can be a helpful way smartly updating the apps to save their states either on Wi-Fi or mobile data. So we can pick and choose the apps we want to be set for refreshing in the background. We can also disable auto-updating apps. If this activity is enabled it will surely kill battery because all the processes running on the back end. So if we follow the instructions we can save the life of android’s battery.

Streaming Audio

If we stream music or podcasts via services all day either we are at work or somewhere else we may notice that our battery life isn’t long lasting as it did if we play locally stored music. We can download songs and it is better to play songs on our phone using offline mode on Spotify or any other app.

Using Bluetooth

Unfortunately, having your Bluetooth turned on all day it can also suck the androids battery life.  If we haven’t a headphone jack or switching over to wireless headphones so it is also one of the worst things in fact. It’s not a solution but we have to be aware of what we are doing to save the battery for later use.

Screen Brightness

It is one of the factors that kill androids battery. As we know that nowadays smartphones are bigger in size and also brighter it is also one of the effects it has on battery life can be severe. In fact, we can’t do much work with the low brightness of our phone. So you can do some things to save androids battery life from damage. So firstly turn on adaptive brightness on our android devices so that our smartphone automatically adapts to the lowest amount of brightness that we really need. This feature is satisfactorily effective.

Internet Ads

These internet ads are not only drained a big power of our battery but also really eye-catching and annoying. Games also kill our phone’s battery life everyone knows about that very well. If you want to save battery then you must be turn off all the power suckers who kills your battery life of Android.

Push email

Another reason why our androids battery dies quickly. If we open multiple accounts on our android phones whenever any email comes they are continuously trying to get email updates separately. So if you receive different emails on more than one account set up on your phone and set intervals.


Vibration is an immense battery killer and almost all phones have this amazing technology nowadays. Most of the people might not know that a tiny little motor inside our phones actually performing this function. So whenever a notification comes to this tiny motor spins instead of ringing. It takes a lot of battery power.

Long screen timeout

It depends how much time your screen is on, the shorter your screen is on, the less battery life it consumes. Try to set your phone timeout short it is better because it will turn off the screen quickly when you aren’t using an android phone.


All the apps that use location services or GPS can be badly killers of androids battery. If we don’t know the way where we are going then obviously we run the google maps or apple maps it really sucks the battery life. We should be manually shut down the apps like google maps etc.. when we find out the correct destination and for this, it is not necessary to turn off the location services all the time.

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