Security Comparison between Windows 7 and Windows 10 

Security Comparison between Windows 7 and Windows 10

Data Protection in Windows 7

In window 7, to protect the data, bit locker provides data encryption for preventing unauthorized access. But this software is optional.

Data Loss Prevention software that provides facilities to enforce other devices protection. The software helps to secure IT services from untrusted other devices, and prevent the leakage of data and information.

The powerful software is working to control all computers by installing a remote service on protected computers.

Data Protection in Windows 10

In window 10, bit locker provides data encryption service, is much improved and manageable. It requires more steps for extra authentication.

This window provides proper encryption so that even data is leaked, the data remains safe so others devices cannot decode it.

The enterprise data protection in window 10, provides data identification and separate handling and personal data.

Remote clean the data without affecting the personal data.

Identity Protection in Windows 7

Window 7 provides use of full  identity protection

The software used to protect identity is Zone Alarm. Zone Alarm software is free, easy and to Download and also antivirus, that is highly effective and configurable against so many kinds of dangerous attack. Zone Alarm’s free firewall offers identity protection and personal data.  The multi-factor solution is very costly and hard to present. When phishing attacks on your device, passwords are successfully worked. That is also passing the hash attacks enable attackers to steal identities, traverse across networks.

Identity Protection in Windows 10

Window 10 provides functionally, convenient and identity protection. It is allow for               password alternative. That is a multi-factor very useful way of protection. That is also use biometric way to protect your devices in

efficient way . This also provides a secure way of accessing the data, information, apps and other online resources. Microsoft Azure Active Directory provides a comprehensive way of identity and also the solution of access management for the clouds.

Device Protection in Windows 7

Device protection is the most important part, that can protect the device from a different  source of encryption. It is very important to handle harmful files and other type of dangerous things. Device security is based on what software can do its own and how can do. So, once it is infected from different sources there is no complete assurance that system can defense, can perform properly their function to detect, save and remain temper free. Malware can hide within the hardware or operating system itself, and there is no way to validate integrity when it has been compromised the quality of the system. Device protection in window 7, Microsoft security essential provides just very common and basic security protection, where OS installed on PCs.AN antivirus which protects the software from coming of the virus, is very essential for all devices which are running on window operating systems. A window antivirus serves to detect, prevent, and remove the unknown resources, harmful files and dangerous things. Microsoft security essential is built in security software which is developed by Microsoft to protect window 7 users against cyber threats such as malware, virus and other software.

Data Protection in Windows 10

Device guard will be most disruptive malware resistance capability Microsoft has ever shipped in the desktop on the system .hardware based security and the level of trust in window 10, it offers helps to maintain and validate the hardware and system integrity. UEFI secure boot helps to secure and prevent malware and unknown from embedding itself within hardware or it is starting before the operating system. The trusted boot of the system can help to maintain the integrity of all the operating system.

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