Computer network devices, router, repeaters, gateway, bridge, and hub.

In this tutorial we will learn about the followings;

Computer network devices, router, repeaters, gateway, bridge, and hub.

Computer Network Devices

Network hardware devices can be complex. The purpose of the presentation is to give the introduction to the most common devices used in a computer network. the early computer did not use interconnecting devices. The computers were connected by lengths of cables.The problem with this arrangement was that you were limited in the total length of the cabling and it was a very hard process to connected computers.

Network Repeaters:

some problems associated with the type of early network were solved with a device called a repeater.A repeater has the rather straightforward job of receiving big signal generating by NICs and other devices strengthening them and then sending them along or repeating them to other parts of the network.repeater is like a microphone for network signals.

Figure: repeaters


Routers are the most complex devices, Hubs and switches connect computers to the LAN; routers connect LANs to one another. Routers typically have two or more network port to which switches or hubs are connected to form an internetwork.Routers enable multiple LANs to communicate with one another by forwarding packets from one LAN to another. they also forward packets from one router to another when LANs are separated by multiple routers.

Figure: routers


A network switch like a hub is used to interconnect multiple computers so that they can communicate with one another. A switch looks like a hub with several ports for plugging in network cables. so the first important difference is that hubs work only with electrical signals and the bits these signal represent, whereas switches work with the actual information these bits combine to make frames.

Figure: switches


A hub performs the same function as a repeater but with more outgoing ports to which bit signals are repeated. Hub receives bit signals generated from a connected computer on one of its ports. Hub cleans the signals by filtering out electrical noise. Hub regenerates the signals to full strength. It transmits the signals to all other ports a computer is connected to.

Figure: Hub

Gateway and bridge

Gateway is used to connect two networks with different protocols and bridge is used to connect networks with same protocols.

GATEWAY and bridge network device
Figure: GATEWAY and bridge