The voice printer was developed to fulfill the aspirations of a high-quality, well-developed publishing system built on My SQL and PHP. Word Press is a modern software, but its roots and development dates back to 2001. Word Press started because the development of existing blogging software b2 / cafe log was rejected by their advanced developers. In 2003, two b2 / cafe users, Matt Mullen w e g and Mike Little , decided to build a new platform over b2 / cable. It is a mature and sustainable product.

May, 2003:

On this day Matt announced the availability of the first version of Word press. It has been well received by the community. These first releases include texturize engine, link manager, XHTML 1.1 compatible templates, new management interface, ability to make handwriting quotes and new templates

May 2004:

1.2 version of word press was developed. Its powered users and developers to increase Word press functionality by writing their own plugins and sharing them with the rest of the community. Features like automatic thumbnail creation, multi-service refresh service and password encryption were also prominent. Word press 1.2 launched as an ambitious project that offers users a mature, stable, efficient and consistent platform with features that measure their competitors’ competencies.

February 2005:

After version 1,2 of word press, a single level was introduced that was version 1.5.This came out with a new look, including pages, comment tools and a new title. Hundreds of hooks were found, allowing integration of plugins into key Word press components.

December 2005:

After version 1.5, a new 2.0 version of word press has been released with a new system for users and a new backend UI. This setup brought a better experience that produces content that also includes image, video and uploaded image quality. Plug hooks have been enhanced to allow for increased features by plugin developers. It has used JavaScript and DHTML to create a better user interface where users did not need to load the page to perform some simple tasks. One of the first of these releases was the launch of the Team Plan.

March 1, 2006:

Automatic, a company co-founded by Word press founder Mati Mullen, applied to register the Word press logo and Word press logo.


After version 2.0 new version of word press introduced with new UI, auto save, spell check and other new features. The enhancements have added the ability to switch between content and code editor, set pages as the front page, add offline to all search engine privacy areas, XML import improvements and private page feature import.


Throughout the year new features such as single-click short cuts, and built-in plugins have been added to Word press for different releases was released with a new UI management system by Happy Cog, and introduced a dashboard widget program and short code API. Automatic development, built-in plugin installation


There have been some important rapid enhancements related to style and writing. The new Code Press editor has added syntax highlighting to the Dashboard code editor  introducing image editing, Trash / Undo feature, bulk plugin updates, and Embed support that allows third party provider content to seamlessly integrate content.


Word press 3.0 has been released. It was a big step up to Word press as CMS. Introduced a new automated theme called “Twenty Ten” and put together the original Word press Step to add useful content support once it gets started.


Post format and admin barrel entered Word press.

Around that time, some really cool Word press plugins are building a stronger e-commerce platform than Word press. This has enabled Word press users to create and build powerful e-commerce websites using word press.


In this case the Media Library was expanded to support the use of images to add artificial subjects.