Network topology, bus topology, star topology, mesh topology, ring topology

In this tutorial, we will learn about the followings;

  1. Network topology
  2. Bus topology
  3. Star topology
  4. Mesh topology
  5. Ring topology


In network we have some kind of topologies, all topologies are used to connect one computer to another computer physically or through wires.

In other words, it is a physical layout of networking. We can design our network in different ways.

Types Of Topologies:

  1. Bus Topology
  2. Star topology
  3. Ring Topology
  4. Mesh Topology

Bus Topology

It is a first and simple type of network topology. It consists of a small number of computers. In this topology, computers or nodes are connected through central wire known as Bus. The endpoints of this topology known as Terminators, which are used to absorb signals.

bus topology networking
Figure: bus topology networking

How bus topology work?

The computer sends a message to the destination address through the wire or bus. The message and address pass through every computer which is connected to this network. Every computer checks his address and matches with own address if it matches the computer will take a message. Otherwise, the message will absorb in the terminal of Bus.

Star Topology

In this topology, all computers are connected to a device known as Hub. It is used most commonly for client-server Network. In this topology, our data remains private which we are sending.

star topology networking
Figure: star topology networking

How star topology Work?

In this topology, the sender sends a message to a central device known as Hub, and hub match the address of the receiver, if it matches, then delivered the message. In this topology every computer connected to Hub directly.

Ring Topology

In this topology, all nodes connected to each other and creates the circular path of communication. The important thing in this topology is that a token ring. A Token is like a pass through which a computer can access data.

ring topology networking
Figure: ring topology networking

How does ring topology work?

Each node or device connected to the next node. The computer receives a message from preceding computer and sends to the next one. The message got only that computer which has Token, if no Token, then the message will passing in the ring.

Mesh Topology

In this topology, each computer connected to every other computer directly. We can send a message to the destination from different ways. This topology is not used in local area network but used in wide area network.

mesh topology networking
Figure: mesh topology networking

How Does Mesh topology Work?

In this topology, different ways to send a message to the destination. If one link breaks down we can send through another path.