How to disable autorun and windows software effect security?

How to disable autorun and windows software effect security?

Computer security

Computer security is a system that is used to protect a computer system and data. It protects from international or accidental damage or access by unauthorized persons.

There are some important tricks to make a PC more secure.

 Update all software and windows

Main thing is that don’t use the crack version of windows because it helps to hackers to hack a computer easily. Check the notifications for update about software and windows and update them regularly or various intervals of time.

Disable autorun

The property of disabling autorun is a good technique which makes our PC secure from bad material through external devices like, USB, DVD and as such devices. If they are infected or having any kind of viruses, they will be autorun in PC and can be transfer in our PC. It makes our system infected.

Use anti-spyware software

Spyware is the most dangerous thing for PC or system which can arrive from different websites. Super anti-spyware is the type of anti-spyware software, it helps to avoid from online spywares that comes from different websites and any other source.


Keep turn off Wi-Fi while no need to use Wi-Fi. Due to this factor our system will not reachable for unauthorized access.