.NL VS.COM domain with Advantages and disadvantages in SEO

.NL VS.COM domain with Advantages and disadvantages in SEO

.NL VS.COM domain with Advantages and disadvantages in SEO
Figure: NL VS.COM domain with Advantages and disadvantages in SEO

.NL Domain

The .nl domain is for the Netherlands and its ranked 6th in the quarterly Verisign domain name industry in 2016. Most registrars of the .nl domains are ISPs, IT services

Bureaus and media service bureaus, but many large enterprises with many brand names have also become a registrar or participants. Since April 1, 1996, the registration

On .nl domain was free but now you have to pay for each domain. The other domains under the Netherland kingdom are .an,.aw,.bq,.cw,.sx

.COM Domain

.com domain is derived from the word commercial and used on internet widely and was administered by the US Department of Defense but now is operated by Verisign just

like .nl Netherland domain and other domains. On 1995 the NSF authorized began to charge US$50 per year for the .com domain and com domain were originally designated

as commercial entities and after that domain was opened to the public and quickly becomes the top-level domain for websites, email, and networking. Many popular

Companies using the .com domain like BBN.com, IBM.com, etc.

.com is the topmost level it’s the number one domain on the internet as for sure the .com domain is the main server and the .nl is also the server but nowadays

.COM have the google search engine that is so vast in the era of internet that it beat the Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox as though these search engines are used nowadays and they also use.COM domain as it’s the top-level domain in the whole internet and it provides further websites as .org, BlogSpot,.Edu, etc.

As though there are benefits as well as not so much difference in the domains but what they provide with there features and the compensation they give with the domain are the features that attract the user to use the domain many domains are there.AU, NL but they are used in limited area country locals but the.COM domain is the global domain in the internet users for the benefit and ease for the customers as well as users that are going to use the domain.

Furthermore, the advanced level of browsing is just at its peak on the internet the data flow and the speed and storage have led the internet in a new era of IPv6 as by the reports the IPv6 is also almost completed and further the IPv8 would be confirmed to take the database to be stored.

IPv4 era has ended and IPv6 era has begun as though its number of domains are also going to be filled but .nl is not supporting IPv6 it’s on IPv4 as though the

As though the choice depends on what type of website you are going to develop as though.NL offers the business commercialized, fast food, medical sciences websites.

.COM websites provide much variety of websites like food, science, and search engines many more.

So it depends on your need what type of website domain you need and for what purpose its suitable for you.

Advantages and Disadvantages of .nl Domain

Advantages of .nl Domain

  1. Individual domain register are allowed in .nl domain.
  2. .nl provides registration to companies and entities.
  3. No brief information, documentation or requirements for the .nl domain.
  4. No additional fee is charged on buying a .nl domain.
  5. .nl doesn’t need a trademark or brand name to be registered as it will charge extra in buying the domain.
  6. For hosting in.NL it provides the hoster name and the website.
  7. The commercialized business is more as Netherland has advanced the needs of.NL domain network

Disadvantages of .nl Domain

  1. .NL Domain names are restricted as though the consumer of the domain has no free hand on the names of the bought domain.
  2. Domain doesn’t have special issues as it can only be used for commercialized business and foodstuff.
  3. WHOIS privacy is not available for domain user as though it can’t be more secure.
  4. .NL Domain consumer information’s are not secure or private as though anyone can see and have access to the information of the user.
  5. Trustee/Proxy servers have charged as that’s not the complete package in.NL domain.
  6. The validation of.NL domain is only for 1 year as per rule the consumer have to again pay a fee for renewal of domain as the validation time should be more than 1 year.