AMP effect on Adsense Earning and SEO

AMP effect on Adsense Earning and SEO

AMP effect on Adsense Earning and SEO
Figure: AMP effect on Adsense Earning and SEO

AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) is an open, easy way to increase the functions and services of web pages for mobile devices, Tabs, etc. The project was invented by Google and Social Media. The technology behind the Accelerated Mobile Pages implements lightweight pages that create much faster for Electronic gadgets.

At this time, that capacity has maximum highly important as much and much people use electronic gadgets as their Personal Computers (PCs), because of the excellent speed of Accelerated Mobile Pages. Some contents that work for regular web page coding cannot be used for Accelerated Mobile Pages.

Google caches most Accelerated Mobile Pages they can also be created by publishers and third parties. Accelerated Mobile Pages develop in HTML, Java, WordPress.

Accelerated Mobile Pages are working very quickly and provided a better result on Electronic gadgets. User can easily use to find our relevant data due to Accelerated Mobile Pages.

Let’s see the email received to one of our website from Google.

AMP effect on Adsense Earning and SEO
Figure: AMP effect on Adsense Earning and SEO

Advantages of using AMP

  1. Improved Search Ranking

Accelerated Mobile Pages is improved to search for relevant data. It is easy for the user and easy way to complete a task. Each page relevant of specified content, many details of specified content display on the screen.

  1. Speed Improvement

At this time, Speed is better of due invented Accelerated Mobile Pages. It is better for all user who used electronic gadgets.

  1. Traffic is growing

Those publishers that have implemented Accelerated Mobile Pages are seeing increased traffic. This is likely to be linked to Google’s increasing surfacing of AMP pages, alongside users becoming better educated.

  1. Better Result

Accelerated Mobile Pages provide better result to the user, because many results are shown on screen and its very help for the user. User completes the task in minimum time.

  1. No time consuming

Now this time, the user cannot take much time for running any service and functionality. Now this advantage of Accelerated Mobile Pages is very beneficiary.

Disadvantages of using AMP

  1. JavaScript and CSS limits

Accelerated Mobile Pages uses a highly limited set of HTML, JavaScript, and CSS. This means you cannot add certain widgets and features to your mobile AMP website. This limits your ability to add smart email option forms, social interaction, etc.

  1. Tracking problems
  2. Serving cached pages

Sometimes cached was saved by Google on mobile devices. It is harmful to device and also for some files. So, aware of these harmful acts. And clear the cache from memory.

  1. No Leads and Subscribers

Accelerated Mobile Pages will not show email popups and option forms, any sidebar widgets, strategically placed social share buttons, posts and much more. One might lose email subscribers and leads in the process too.

How to check that a website is AMP or not?

Step 1:


Step 2:

Search for amp validator.

Step 3:

Mention the website in “Test and preview your AMP page”. After this click on “Run Test”.

Step 4:

No more thing to do. Just get the results generated by amp validator.

how to check that a website is AMP or not
Figure: How to check that a website is AMP or not