Difference Between .US VS .Com Domain in SEO

Difference Between .US VS .Com Domain in SEO

Let’s begin with some important points about “Difference Between.US VS .Com Domain in SEO”.

Difference Between .US VS .Com Domain in SEO
Figure: Difference Between.US VS .Com Domain in SEO

Advantages and disadvantages of buying the .US domain

.US Domain

According to my study.us is the top-level domain for the United States of America. It was established in 1985. The .us domain is mostly registered by the American citizens, residents, or organization, or a foreign entity with a presence in the United States of America.

.COM domain

.com stands for the “commercial”, is the most common domain using worldwide for most commercial websites and most recognized domain suffix. The first .com domain name Symbolic.com was registered on March 15, 1985, according to Verisign, the company that now manages the extension. If anyone who wants to register a domain can register a domain ending in.com, then their sites can be used for commercial purposes.

Comparison Between .US VS .Com Domain

  • .com domain is meant for commercial use only while the .us domain is the country code for the USA people if you want to access the audience of the USA only, choose the .us domain.
  • .us domain is the most trustworthy, secure domain than .com domain but not worldwide.
  • With the .us domain, your website looks attractive and may get popular but not worldwide only in the US.


Which domain is better for us?

According to me, the .com domain is better for us because the .us domain is only for the American citizens not worldwide. If you want to limit your website then you could use .us domain otherwise you would use the .com domain, so you can show your website to the whole world.

Advantages of .us domain

There’s the following advantage of the .us domain which is given below:

  • Promote your us-based business: The people in America mostly like to buy the American products so by using it. US domain you have seen plenty of products by labeling the “Made in America”. You can get the web address that says the same thing about your business.
  • Connect your cause and country: The people or citizens of America promote their country by their domain so whenever you are making your area making a group a civic group use the .us domain to making the community and your country stronger.
  • Be findable: The . Us is the only domain that gives you a chance to get exactly what domain name that you want. Make it easy for the people to find your brand, company or you.

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  • Be searchable: US domain more highly searches so it would be the plus point for the people who live in US for any business or company whose web traffic is mostly in America.
  • Be uniquely American: by using .us domain yours.US address will help tell your American story in ways that draw visitors and force or attract them to coming back to your website.
  • Make “US” about you: US domain makes your website more attractive and creative.

Disadvantages of .US domain

  • Expensive: the most expensive domain over the others domain.
  • Limited: The .us domain is limited only use in American not in worldwide. You must be a citizen of the US or a US entity such as organizations and corporations.

Advantages of .com domain


Worldwide: The .com domain is not for limited country or for a specific area, .com domain can be used worldwide.

Traditional fan base: .com is an extension is for those who have a traditional fan base. If you can manage to get your proper domain name at the.com extension, go for the .com extension.

 Less expensive:

It is likely to pay a premium price for the .com you want that is already registered. If you have a large budget it might make sense to go for it. .com is less expensive then .us domain.

Disadvantages of .com domain

Not be Unique: there are over 100 million registered users with a .com extension so it’s getting harder to find a unique name that has not been taken already.

Backup:   probably won’t have access to site backups. This could be an issue in case there’s an accident or if you want to switch hosts.

Average User: While buying the .com domain then, the first one to come to mind for the average user.

Full Control:  A site built with a website builder will be hosted on a shared server provided by the website builder. In other words, you won’t have full control over your websites.

Expensive: They can make the domain name prohibitively expensive to purchase for your own purposes.

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