What kind of domain name helps in SEO?

What kind of domain name helps in SEO?

In this tutorial, we will learn about the domain names helps in SEO.

Domain name is the name of a website. For example, T4tutorials.com and google.com are two different domain names.

Tips for naming a domain

1. Try to avoid digits.

Most users search text not digit.

Bad Approach Good Approach
www.education786.com www.education.com
www.english123.com www.english.com

2. Make it pronounceable.

Used the words that are easy to understand

Bad Approach Good Approach
www.Lecturesofcs.com www.lectures.com

or www.CS.com

3. Make short domain names.

Bad Approach Good Approach
www.abcdefgh.com www.abc.com

4. Intelligently chose the domain.

Domain Target Good / Bad
www.Lectures.com Pakistani community Bad approach
www.Lectures.pk Pakistani community Good approach

5. Use domain name with the keyword with the high ranking.

Some keywords are searched by a large community. For example, jobs and weather are keywords that are approximately searched by every person daily.

6.     A domain name represents your main idea.

If you are starting a website for education purpose the .edu is the best solution as compared to .com or other domain. Further before edu, you should also choose a word related to your website.

7.     Always chose a top-level domain.

Try to avoid subdomains or bottom level domains.

Domain Type Good / Bad


Top level domain Good approach


Sub/ Bottom level domain Bad approach

8.  Typing Errors and person reached to your website.

Peoples are mostly typed wrong words. For example, many people search facebook.com but in some cases, they typed a wrong alphabet like l instead j.

The user wants to search Speeling mistake User reachs
Facebook.com Facebool.com facebool.com


Facebooj.com or facebool.com

9. Legalities

Don’t purchase a domain with negative past history.

Some domains are of a negative status. Domains with negative status are strongly discouraged by search engines. To avoid such domains.