Author Box effect on SEO – Advantages and Disadvantages

Author Box effect on SEO – Advantages and Disadvantages

Author box is a box at the bottom of the blog post it provides the biographical information about the author of the website.

Author box on the website it is very necessary because we can get more traffic of people on our website and it is the best and easy way to capture more people, your Author box will include all of the most important information for your readers need to see, it including your social links so that people easily connect with you.

Example of Author Box

Author Box effect on SEO - Advantages and Disadvantages
Figure: Author Box effect on SEO – Advantages and Disadvantages

Advantages of Author Box

More Traffic

When people read your well-written article or piece of a good idea they will crave more.


The viewers on your posts might be interested in collaborating with you. author bio can include all your social media accounts for quick communication.

Good relations

The author of the website or word press blog can get good national and international relationships. People visit the author’s box and connect with the author by social media.

Better for New visitors

Old viewers at your site know about you but the problem for new visitor they do not know your author box help them to know about you.

More Opportunities

The advantage of the author box is that it provides the author with more opportunities for getting new jobs, the author can gain more knowledge about technology.

Explain what you DO

The author box explains about writing what he actually provides complete detail about the author.

Disadvantages of Author Box

Security issues

The first and major disadvantage of the author box is security because the blogger shares their real social media accounts in the form of link and hackers block their accounts.

100% Real information

The author usually shares 100% original information that sometimes creates big problems and sometimes people annoy the author.

People can get information about you and can see your location. People can see all account of the author at one platform and they can get more personal detail about the author.