Semester Wise Courses Of  MSc Zoology

Semester Wise Courses Of  MSc Zoology

This list of courses (Subjects) MSc Zoology is just a sample. Different universities offer courses according to their own choice.

Course NameTerm/ Semester/ Year #Credit Hour / Marks
GeneticsYear I3
Developmental BiologyYear I3
Cell BiologyYear I3
Animal DiversityYear I3
BiochemistryYear I3
PhysiologyYear I3
BiostatisticsYear I3
Developmental Biology IIYear I3
Cell Biology IIYear I3
WildlifeYear I3
Biochemistry IIYear I3
Physiology IIYear I3
Sustainability & PollutionYear II3
Systematic ZoologyYear II3
Principles of PalaeontologyYear II3
Special Paper IIYear II3
Assignment/ Comprehensive vivaYear II3
Research/Experiment & ResultYear II3
General EcologyYear II3
EvolutionYear II3
ZoogeographyYear II3
Special Paper IYear II3
Elective PaperYear II3
Research/Literature, Review, Expt. DesignYear II3

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