Which of the following is backup software?

(A). git-annex
(B). amanda
(C). bacula
(D). all of these
(MCQs)Correct Answer: (D). all of these

Which of the following is not a backup software?

(A). MS Excel
(B). DirSync Pro

(C). bacula
(D). None of these
(MCQs)Correct Answer: (A). MS Excel

Example of Backup software (open-source /Free software)

Software Compatible with Linux Compatible with windows
Amanda Yes Yes
duplicity Yes Yes
Attic Yes No
Areca Backup Yes Yes
FlyBack Yes No
Bacula Yes Yes
Bup Yes Yes
Box Backup Yes Yes
DirSync Pro Yes Yes
BorgBackup Yes Yes
rdiff-backup Yes Yes
git-annex Yes No
BackupPC Yes Yes
Proxmox Backup Server Yes No
tar Yes Yes (with GnuWin32)
FreeFileSync Yes Yes
luckyBackup Yes No
DAR Yes Yes
Back In Time Yes No


Examples of closed-source and Commercial Backup software

Software Compatible with Linux Compatible with windows
@MAX SyncUp No Yes
Genie Backup Manager Yes Yes
Norton Ghost Yes Yes
Tonido Backup Yes Yes
BackupAssist No Yes
Windows Backup and Restore No Yes
Rubrik Yes Yes
Argentum Backup No Yes
EMC NetWorker Yes Yes
HP Data Protector Yes Yes
KeepVault No Yes
System Center Data Protection Manager No Yes
Bvckup 2 No Yes
Comodo Backup No Yes
NTBackup No Yes
Acronis True Image No Yes
Dmailer Backup No Yes
InMage DR-Scout Yes Yes
Crashplan Yes Yes
Image for Windows Yes Yes
Catalogic DPX Yes Yes
Commvault Yes Yes
NetVault Backup Yes Yes
SpiderOak Yes Yes
Retrospect Yes Yes
CloudBerry Backup Yes Yes
Novabackup Partial Yes
Macrium Reflect No Yes
IBM Spectrum Protect (Tivoli Storage Manager) Yes Yes
Backup Exec Yes Yes
Norton 360 Yes Yes
Cobian Backup No Yes
Time Machine No No
Infinite Disk No Yes