Software reuse and software reuse oriented software engineering

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What is software reuse?

Software reuse is a term used for developing the software by using the existing software components. Some of the components that can be reuse are as follows;

  • Source code
  • Design and interfaces
  • User manuals
  • Software Documentation
  • Software requirement specifications and many more.

What are the advantages of software reuse?

  • Less effort
  • Time-saving
  • Reduce cost
  • Less reuse
  • Increase software productivity
  • Utilize fewer resources
  • Leads to a better quality software.

What are Commercial-off-the-shelf and Commercial-off-the-shelf components?

Commercial-off-the-shelf is ready-made software. Commercial-off-the-shelf software components are ready-made components that can be reused for a new software.

What is reuse software engineering?

Reuse software engineering is based on guidelines and principles for reusing the existing software.

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What are stages of reuse-oriented software engineering?

Requirement specification:

First of all, specify the requirements. This will help to decide that we have some existing software components for the development of software or not.

Component analysis

Helps to decide that which component can be reused where.

Requirement updations / modifications.

If the requirements are changed by the customer, then still existing components are helpful for reuse or not.

Reuse System design

If the requirements are changed by the customer, then still existing system designs are helpful for reuse or not.


Existing components are matching with new software or not.


Can we integrate the new systems with existing components?

System validation

To validate the system that it can be accepted by the customer or not.

reuse web engineering
Figure: reuse-oriented software engineering
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