Software reuse and software reuse oriented software engineering

What is software reuse?

Software reuse is a term used for developing the software by using the existing software components. Some of the components that can be reuse are as follows;

  • Source code
  • Design and interfaces
  • User manuals
  • Software Documentation
  • Software requirement specifications and many more.
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What are advantages of software reuse?

  • Less effort
  • Time-saving
  • Reduce cost
  • Less reuse
  • Increase software productivity
  • Utilize fewer resources
  • Leads to a better quality software.

What are Commercial-off-the-shelf and Commercial-off-the-shelf components?

Commercial-off-the-shelf is ready-made software. Commercial-off-the-shelf software components are ready-made components that can be reused for a new software.

What is reuse software engineering?

Reuse software engineering is based on guidelines and principles for reusing the existing software.

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What are stages of reuse-oriented software engineering?

  • Requirement specification:
    • First of all, specify the requirements. This will help to decide that we have some existing software components for the development of software or not.
  • Component analysis
    • Helps to decide that which component can be reused where.
  • Requirement updations / modifications.
    • If the requirements are changed by the customer, then still existing components are helpful for reuse or not.
  • Reuse System design
    • If the requirements are changed by the customer, then still existing system designs are helpful for reuse or not.
  • Development
    • Existing components are matching with new software or not.
  • Integration
    • Can we integrate the new systems with existing components?
  • System validation
    • To validate the system that it can be accepted by the customer or not.
reuse web engineering
Figure: reuse-oriented software engineering
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