MCQs Of Nuclear Chemistry 

Prof. Fazal Rehman Shamil
Last modified on April 27th, 2021

MCQs Of Nuclear Chemistry 

1. The control rods are made up of cadmium in a nuclear reactor because cadmium is ________.

A. Emits neutron
B. Emits electrons
C. Absorbs excess electrons
D. Absorbs excess neutron

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2. Which of the following was discovered Radio-activity?

A. Henry Becquerel
B. Madame Curie
C. J.J. Thomson
D. Rutherford

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3. Which of the following involves Fusion bomb?

A. Explosion of TNT
B. Combustion of oxygen
C. Destruction of a heavy nucleus into smaller nuclei
D. Combination of Lighter nuclei into a bigger nucleus

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4. Which of the following involves Gamma rays?

A. High energy protons
B. High energy electron
C. High energy electromagnetic waves
D. Low energy waves

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5. Which of the following element used for dating the ancient remains is.

A. C-14
B. Ni
C. C-12
D. Rd

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6. Which one of the following has no charge .

A. Alpha rays
B. Beta rays
C. Gamma rays
D. Cathode rays

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7. Hydrogen bomb is based on the phenomenon of _____.

A. Nuclear explosion
B. Chemical reaction
C. Nuclear fusion
D. Nuclear fission

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8. which scientist discover artifical radioactivity?

A. Hahn and Strassman
B. Joliot and Irene Curie
C. Einstein
D. Rutherford

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9. Which Uranium gives stable isotopes of ____.

A. Radon
B. Krypton
C. Polonium
D. Radium

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10. A radioactive isotope decays at such rate that after 192 minutes only 1/16 of the original amount remains. Its half-life is____.

A. 32 min
B. 12 min
C. 48 min
D. 24 min

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11. What is the fuel of atomic pile?

A. Uranium
B. Petroleum
C. Sodium
D. Thorium

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12. The average life period of a radioactive element is

A. 1.44 T
B. 144 T
C. 0.144 T
D. 14.4 T

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