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Organic chemistry MCQs

Table of Contents

Organic chemistry MCQs

(1) The main source for an¬†organic compound is……

a) Plants

b) Animal

c) Fossil

d) Coal

e) Desert

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(2) The alkane stem tells us about the …….

a) Number of bonds

b) Number of Hydrogen atoms

c) Number of Carbon atoms

d) Number of molecules

e) Number of oxygen atoms

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(3) The substance whic are basis of human life on earth is…..

a) Matter

b) Atom

c) Molecules

d) Inorganic compunds

e) Organic compounds

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(4)The octane number 2 2 4-trimethyl pentane is basically……

a) 60

b) 80

c) 40

d) 100

e) 30

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(5) An alkyl radical as compared to its parent alkane ,it contains…..

a) One more carbon

b) One less carbon

c) One more hydrogen

d) One less Hydrogen

e) A and C

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(6) In which compound only one benzene ring is present….

a) Carboxylic

b) Aryl

c) Ketone

d) Acryl

e) Matter

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(7) The Smoky flame which burn hydro carbons are known as…..

a) Alicyclic

b) Aldehyde

c) Aliphatic

d) Aromatic

e) Isomerization

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(8) The carbon self linking ability is known as…..

a) Carbonation

b) Catenation

c) Sublimation

d) Oxidation

e) Hydrogenation

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(9) Which moleculeb chemist can present for compax molecule is……

a) Structural formula

b) Skeletal formula

c) Molecular Formula

d) A and B

e) B and C

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(10) Geometric isomerism found in……

a) Alkynes

b) Alkenes

c) Alkanes

d) Ester

e) None of these

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(11) Almost how many compounds of carbon formed….

a) 65%

b) 25%

c) 95%

d) 99%

e) 10%

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(12) Element which is called backbone of organic molecules…..

a) Oxygen

b) Nitrogen

c) Hydrogen

d) Carbon

e) All of these

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