General Knowledge MCQs for Commission test

General Knowledge MCQs for Commission test

(1) The tax which is not shared between Provicial & Central government is……

a) Sales Tax

b) Property Tax

c) Custom Tax

d) Excise Tax

e) None of these

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(2) Total number of District in KPK Province…..

a) 27

b) 35

c) 26

d) 36

e) 15

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(3) Which is known as direct tax…..

a) Custom tax

b) Income tax

c) Property tax

d) Excise tax

e) Sale tax

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(4) Name the National Mammal of Pakistan…….

a) Arabian Sea Dolphin

b) Arabian Sea Shark

c) Indus Sea Shark

d) Indus Sea Dolphin

e) None of these

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(5) Preparation of budget in government……

a) Anually

b) Monthly

c) Weekly

d) Daily

e) All of the above

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(6) In Pakistan Flag Green field represent…….

a) Muslim Majority

b) Muslim Minority

c) Minority

d) A and B

e) None of these

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(7) Name the last governor general of Pakistan…..

a) Ayub Khan

b) Yahya Khan

c) Liaquat Ali Khan

d) Skindar Mirza

e) Ghulam Muhammad Khan

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(8) The design of Pakistan flag is given by…..

a) Ahmed Ghulam Ali Chaghla

b) Amir uddin Kidwai

c) Gul G

d) Hafeez Jalandhri

e) None of these

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(9) Name the country which first signed Defence Pact with Pakistan……

a) Iraq

b) Iran

c) Turkey

d) Saudi Arabia

e) Tehran

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(10) The National animal of Pakistan is……

a) Markhor

b) Lion

c) Tiger

d) Cat

e) Cow

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(11) The finance of government is known as……

a) Private Finance

b) Government Finance

c) Public Finance

d) A and B

e) None of these

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(12) The city of Pakistan known as Paris of Asia……

a) Islamabad

b) Karachi

c) Lahore

d) Multan

e) Peshawar

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General Knowledge MCQs
General Knowledge MCQs

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