Energy Resources MCQs – CSS Test

Energy Resources MCQs – CSS Test

Let us see the Energy Resources MCQs for CSS Test.

SET 1: Energy Resources MCQs

1.Fossil fuels are rich in hydrogen and
a) nitrogen
b) phosphorus
c) nitro_calorine
d) oxygen
e) carbon
answer e
2.Solar energy makes very hot by using thousands of mirrors or curved metals in
a)solar cells
b)solar heater
c)solar furnace
d)solar battery
e) None of these
Answer c
3.In which country hot water or steam carrying geothermal energy often comes up to surface in
a) New Zealand
b) Ice land
c) Germany
d) both a and b
e) None of these
answer d
4. Fossils fuel is used as a source of energy for
b) homes
c) industries
d)all of them
e) None of these
Answer d
5. Generally, radioactive waste is treated by
a) ammonia to neutralize it
b) bacteria to consume it
c) storage until it gets harmless
d) acid to decompose it
e) both a and b
Answer c
6. The only by-product of fuel cells are
a) acid
b) water
c) gas
d) neutral chemicals
e) fossil fuels
Answer b
7. fossil fuels released energy when they are
answer c

SET 2: Energy Resources MCQs

8. Generally, petroleum and natural gas are formed from the remains of
a) gases
b) sea organisms
c) mammals
d) plants
e) birds
answer b
9. Renewable energy does not contribute to
a) Global warming
b) Deforestation
c) Nuclear Waste
d) none
e) both a and c
answer a
10. Which of the following source of energy is beneficial for the improvement in technology?
a) gases energy
b) Hydro energy
c) solar energy
d) Geothermal Energy
e) wind energy
answer e
11. Which of the following energy has a high cost of research into new technology?
a) Geothermal energy
b) Non-Renewable energy
c) Renewable energy
d) Solar energy
e) Hydro energy
answer b
12. A non-renewable resource is?
a) carbon dioxide
b) Coal
c) Forests
d) Water
e) Wildlife
answer b
13. Which of the following is a non-renewable energy resource:
a) water power
b) Fuel cells
c) Wind power
d) Wave power
e) Coal
answer e

14. Which is the disadvantage of renewable energy sources?
a) Highly polluting
b) High waste disposal cost
c) Unreliable supply
d) highly decomposition
e) High running cost
answer c