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Research topics experimental condensed matter physics

  1. Gateway to Condensed Matter Physics and Molecular Biophysics: Concepts and Theoretical Perspectives
  2. Searches for light dark matter using condensed matter systems
  3. Diamond quantum sensors: from physics to applications on condensed matter research
  4. Mineral Physics
  5. Localization and delocalization in kicked quantum matter
  6. Relativistic horizon of interacting Weyl fermions in condensed matter systems
  7. Soft matter crystallography—Complex, diverse, and new crystal structures in condensed materials on the mesoscale
  8. Shining New Light on Quantum Matter
  9. Quantum Dot Phase Transition Simulation with Hybrid Quantum Annealing via Metropolis-Adjusted Stochastic Gradient Langevin Dynamics
  10. Synthesis of CoFe2O4/Graphene Oxide-Grafted Tetraethylenepentamine for Removal of Cr (VI) from Aqueous Solution
  11. Megahertz-rate Ultrafast X-ray Scattering and Holographic Imaging at the European XFEL
  12. Experimental signature of the parity anomaly in a semi-magnetic topological insulator
  13. Quantum technologies in particle physics
  14. Computational Condensed Matter
  15. Intense laser matter interaction in atoms, finite systems and condensed media: recent experiments and theoretical advances
  16. Condensed matter systems in cavity quantum electrodynamics
  17. Experimental high-dimensional greenberger-horne-zeilinger entanglement with superconducting transmon qutrits
  18. Quantum sensing with diamond NV centers under megabar pressures
  19. Atom-by-atom engineering of novel states of matter
  20. Condensed Matter Many-Body Physics and Field Theory II (TMP-TA 4)
  21. Quantum materials modelling by Dirac fermions and the emergence of chiral and scale anomalies
  22. Plasma-Generated X-ray Pulses: Betatron Radiation Opportunities at EuPRAXIA@ SPARC_LAB
  23. Dynamical phase transitions in the collisionless pre-thermal states of isolated quantum systems: theory and experiments
  24. Modeling oxidised polypyrrole in the condensed phase with a novel force field
  25. First-principles calculations to investigate structural, electronic and phonon properties of sodium bromide (NaBr) and sodium iodide (NaI) crystals
  26. Computational Condensed Matter
  27. Nanoscale pattern formation on silicon surfaces bombarded with a krypton ion beam: experiments and simulations
  28. The fractal interpolation applied on brownian motion particles trajectories reconstruction
  29. Investigating the magneto‐electronic, structural, mechanical, and thermodynamic properties of filled skutterudite NdRu4Sb12 and EuRu4Sb12: A first‐principles …
  30. 2D Ion Qubit Arrays for Quantum Information Processing
  31. Olfactory sensing and navigation in turbulent environments
  32. Toward an automated-algebra framework for high orders in the virial expansion of quantum matter
  33. Study of elastic properties of prototype solids under high pressure
  34. Checkerboard solid of dipolar excitons in a two-dimensional lattice
  35. Development of a High Intensity Neutron Source at the European Spallation Source: The HighNESS project
  36. Hybrid machine learning/physics-based approach for predicting oxide glass-forming ability
  37. Breakdown of topological protection by cavity vacuum fields in the integer quantum Hall effect
  38. The classification of surface states of topological insulators and superconductors with magnetic point group symmetry
  39. Domain-wall dynamics in Bose–Einstein condensates with synthetic gauge fields
  40. Megahertz-rate Ultrafast X-ray Scattering and Holographic Imaging at the European XFEL
  41. ARIA—A VUV Beamline for EuPRAXIA@ SPARC_LAB
  42. Quantum sensing with solid state spins
  43. Experiments in Surface Gravity–Capillary Wave Turbulence
  44. Waves and Particles in Matter
  45. Fast-fowarding quantum dynamics with quantum Krylov subspace algorithms
  46. The rise of topologically non-trivial materials for hydrogen evolution electrocatalysts
  47. Electronic structures of magnetic topological insulator
  48. Topological triple phase transition in non-Hermitian Floquet quasicrystals
  49. Dynamics of optical vortices in 2D materials
  50. Hybrid systems based on electrons floating on superfluid helium
  51. First principle based investigation of topological insulating phase in half-Heusler family NaYO (Y= Ag, Au, and Cu)
  52. List of Faculty
  53. Observation of the quantum boomerang effect
  54. Zinc-Blende GeC Stabilized on GaN (001): An Ab Initio Study
  55. DMRG and Monte Carlo studies of magnetic phases and the phase transition
  56. Morphology and energy transfer study between conjugated polymers thin films: experimental and theoretical approaches
  57. Construction of moiré superlattice on the MoO2 (010) surfaces
  58. Experimental observation of Berreman modes in uniaxial anisotropic nanoporous alumina film on aluminium substrate
  59. Spintronics Meets Topology
  60. Electric Modulus Analysis of (1− x) PbMg1/3Nb2/3O3-(x) K1/2Bi1/2TiO3 Ceramics
  61. Superconductivity Dome Rises from Damped Phonons
  62. Organic self-assembled monolayers on superconducting NbSe2: Interfacial electronic structure and energetics
  63. Lattice dynamical properties of antiferromagnetic oxides calculated using self-consistent extended Hubbard functional method
  64. Determination of liquid–vapor equilibrium and critical properties of fatty acids for biodiesel production through molecular dynamics
  65. A strange metal emerges from a failed superconductor
  66. Final Technical Report-Grant Title: Dipolar molecule emulator of lattice gauge theories
  67. Robust electronic and tunable magnetic states in Sm2 NiMnO6 ferromagnetic insulator
  68. Thermal transport and gravitational anomalies in Weyl semimetals.
  69. Effect of the nonparabolicity on the resonant lifetimes and resonant energies of symmetric GaAs/AlxGa1-xAs double barrier nanostructures
  70. Topological phases with Rydberg atoms
  71. Manipulating the Electronic and Magnetic Properties of Coordinated Nickel Atoms in Metal–Organic Frameworks by Hydrogenation
  72. Anharmonic effects and EXAFS of hcp crystals studied based on high-order expanded Debye-Waller factors including dispersion effects
  73. Distinguishing between non-abelian topological orders in a Quantum Hall system
  74. Indirect to Direct Charge Transfer Transition in Plasmon‐Enabled CO2 Photoreduction
  75. High-Temperature Superconducting Phase in Clathrate Calcium Hydride up to 215 K at a Pressure of 172 GPa
  76. Theory of sound attenuation in amorphous solids from nonaffine motions
  77. Self-assembly of colloidal cube superstructures with critical Casimir attractions
  78. Excitonic condensation state in the assistance of the adiabatic and anti-adiabatic phonons
  79. Effects of Temperature and Grain Size on Diffusivity of Aluminium: Electromigration Experiment and Molecular Dynamic Simulation
  80. Manipulation of Majorana bound states in proximity to a quantum ring with Rashba coupling
  81. From the transverse-field Ising chain to the quantum E8 integrable model: Theoretical progress and experimental realization
  82. Intrinsic spin Hall conductivity plateau in topological semimetals with triply degenerate points
  83. Elucidate interfacial disorder effects on the perpendicular magnetic anisotropy at Fe/MgO heterostructure from first-principles calculations
  84. Phononic linear and quadratic nodal points in monolayer XH (X= Si, Ge, Sn)
  85. Prominent quantum many-body scars in a truncated Schwinger model
  86. Observation of the crossover between metallic and insulating regimes of the spin Hall effect
  87. Tricritical-point phase diagram in PrCu9Sn4
  88. A new twist on graphene: An Interview with Pablo Jarillo-Herrero and Allan MacDonald
  89. Topological phase transition associated with structural phase transition in ternary half Heusler compound LiAuBi.
  90. Nonequilibrium topological spin textures in momentum space
  91. Transport phenomena in complex systems (part 2)
  92. The Hubbard model: A computational perspective
  93. Investigation of out-of-plane ordered Ti4MoSiB2 from first principles
  94. All-in-One Ionic–Electronic Dual-Carrier Conducting Framework Thickening All-Solid-State Electrode
  95. Quantum simulations in atomic physics
  96. Emergence of Floquet edge states in the coupled Su–Schrieffer–Heeger model
  97. On the conformational equilibria between isobutyl halide (CH3) 2CH–CH2X (X= Cl, Br and I) rotational isomers: A combined ultrasonic relaxation spectroscopic and …
  98. Transport, localization and entanglement in disordered and interacting systems: From real space to Fock space
  99. Phase transitions of liposomes: when light meets heat
  100. The phase diagrams of beryllium and magnesium oxide at megabar pressures
  101. Multi-Meron Interactions and Statistics in Two-Dimensional Materials
  102. A generalized theoretical approach for solar cells fill factors by using Shockley diode model and Lambert W-function: A review comparing theory and experimental …
  103. All-optical attoclock for imaging tunnelling wavepackets
  104. Cold Atom Computation: From Many-Body Localisation to the Higgs Mode
  105. Do stoichiometric or nonstoichiometric models of a polar surface affect their structural, energetic and electronic structure properties? A DFT case study of Ru/MgO (111 …
  106. Mn and Cu codoped Cs2ZnBr4 metal halide with multiexcitonic emission toward anti-counterfeiting
  107. Electroviscous drag on squeezing motion in sphere-plane geometry
  108. First-principles study on the heterostructure of twisted graphene/hexagonal boron nitride/graphene sandwich structure
  109. Weyl nodes with higher-order topology in an optically driven nodal-line semimetal
  110. Confinement-induced impurity states in spin chains
  111. Raman spectroscopy and hardness study of C60 transformation into nanoclustered graphene phase at high pressure/high temperature
  112. Thermodynamic approach for the understanding of the kinetics of heat effects induced by structural relaxation of metallic glasses
  113. Structural phase transition of BiSb and formation of Weyl semimetallic phase under pressure: calculations and experiments
  114. Evidence for a delocalization quantum phase transition without symmetry breaking in CeCoIn5
  115. Molecular polaritonics: Chemical dynamics under strong light–matter coupling
  116. Construction of Fractal Order and Phase Transition with Rydberg Atoms
  117. Majorana zero modes induced by superconducting phase bias
  118. Amorphous‐Ga2O3 Optoelectronic Synapses with Ultra‐low Energy Consumption
  119. Pions: the original Nambu–Goldstone bosons
  120. La2Pd2In: superconductivity and lattice properties at ambient and elevated pressures
  121. Pyrochlore Oxide Hg2Os2O7 on Verge of Metal–Insulator Boundary
  122. Self-ordering Supersolid Phase beyond Dicke Superradiance in a Ring Cavity
  123. Experimental demonstration of skyrmionic magnetic tunnel junction at room temperature
  124. Steering light with magnetic textures
  125. Temperature-dependent electronic structure of γ-phase CuI: first-principles insights
  126. Superconductivity in Heusler compound ScAu2Al
  127. First-principles study of fission products Xe and Cs behaviors in U3Si2
  128. Nodal lines in momentum space: topological invariants and recent realizations in photonic and other systems
  129. Band theoretical approaches to topological physics in strongly-correlated f-electron Kondo systems
  130. Berry connection polarizability tensor and third-order Hall effect
  131. Antiferromagnetic short-range order and cluster spin-glass state in diluted spinel ZnTiCoO4
  132. Acoustic metamaterial inverse design based on machine learning using Gauss–Bayesian models
  133. In this issue: February 2022
  134. Quantum science and technology based on color centers with accessible spin
  135. Solitons and quantization in nonlinear topological systems
  136. Antimony (Sb)-Based Anodes for Lithium–Ion Batteries: Recent Advances
  137. Observation of one-dimensional Dirac fermions in silicon nanoribbons
  138. Anharmonic lattice dynamics and thermal transport in type-I inorganic clathrates
  139. A bag model of matter condensed by the strong interaction
  140. Bounding Entanglement Entropy Using Zeros of Local Correlation Matrices
  141. Quantum mechanical simulation of various phases of KVF perovskite.
  142. Magnetic dilution of a honeycomb lattice XY magnet CoTiO3
  143. Snowmass2021 Cosmic Frontier White Paper: Calibrations and backgrounds for dark matter direct detection
  144. Brillouin spectroscopy: probing the acoustic vibrations in colloidal nanoparticles
  145. Universal non-Hermitian skin effect in two and higher dimensions
  146. Highly conducting nanophases of Ag2S–Se-Ge chalcogenide glassy systems: Explanations via computational descriptions
  147. Laboratory Works 2
  148. Superconducting hydrides on a quantum landscape
  149. Machine learning techniques to construct detailed phase diagrams for skyrmion systems
  150. Manipulating magnetic and magnetoresistive properties by oxygen vacancy complexes in GCMO thin films
  151. Exploring Bosonic and Fermionic Link Models on d tubes
  152. A Rigorous Formalism of Unconventional Symmetry Breaking in Fermi Liquid Theory and Its Application to Nematicity in FeSe
  153. Understanding hydrophobic effects: Insights from water density fluctuations
  154. Structure diagram and dynamics of formation of hexagonal boron nitride in phase-field crystal model
  155. Nonequilibrium dynamics of deconfined quantum critical point in imaginary time
  156. Quantum entanglement of non-Hermitian quasicrystals
  157. Physical properties of chromium-doped barium titanate: Effects of chromium incorporation
  158. Neutrinoless Double-Beta Decay: A Roadmap for Matching Theory to Experiment
  159. Tuning the Topological -Angle in Cold-Atom Quantum Simulators of Gauge Theories
  160. Universal criteria for single femtosecond pulse ultrafast magnetization switching in ferrimagnets
  161. The ΔSCF method for non-adiabatic dynamics of systems in the liquid phase
  162. Computational materials discovery for lanthanide hydrides at high pressure for high temperature superconductivity
  163. Raman Scattering in URu2Si2
  164. Single-domain Bose condensate magnetometer achieves energy resolution per bandwidth below
  165. The atomic arrangement and electronic interactions in vonsenite at 295, 100, and 90 K
  166. Angular structure factor of the hexatic-B liquid crystals: bridging theory and experiment
  167. Redox-mediated C–C bond scission in alcohols adsorbed on CeO2− x thin films
  168. Precision Bootstrap for the Super-Ising Model
  169. Loop-free tensor networks for high-energy physics
  170. Electronic structure, phonons and optical properties of baryte type scintillators TlXO4 (X= Cl, Br)
  171. Topological Anderson insulators induced by random binary disorders
  172. Magnetic structures and electronic properties of cubic-pyrochlore ruthenates from first principles
  173. Experimental and Computational Methods
  174. Density-dependent two-dimensional optimal mobility in ultra-high-quality semiconductor quantum wells
  175. Hopfion dynamics in chiral magnets
  176. Inner Skin Effects on Non-Hermitian Topological Fractals
  177. Ultrafast imaging of terahertz electric waveforms using quantum dots
  178. Analytical theory for the crossover from retarded to non-retarded interactions between metal plates
  179. Chiral Spin Liquid Ground State in
  180. Domain patterns with paired soliton walls stabilized by polar surface interactions in a ferroelectric nematic liquid crystal
  181. Study the mixed valence problem in asymmetric Anderson model: Fano–Kondo resonance around Fermi level
  182. Machine learning prediction of magnetic properties of Fe-based metallic glasses considering glass forming ability
  183. DFT study of structural, electronic, magnetic, elastic, vibrational, thermodynamic and thermoelectric properties of XCrP (X= Ni, Pd and Pt)
  184. A robust three-parameter reference curve for condensed phase materials
  185. Erratum:“Harnessing the meta-generalized gradient approximation for time-dependent density functional theory”[J. Chem. Phys. 137, 164105 (2012)]
  186. Nonlinear Quantum Electrodynamics in Dirac Materials
  187. Dynamic Toroidisability as Ubiquitous Property of Atoms and Molecules in Optical Electric Fields
  188. The Phase Transition of Calcium Sulfide Under High Pressure
  189. Can oxygen vacancies in ceria surfaces be measured by O1s photoemission spectroscopy?
  190. Polaron-Depleton Transition in the Yrast Excitations of a One-Dimensional Bose Gas with a Mobile Impurity
  191. High-Harmonic Generation Approaching the Quantum Critical Point of Strongly Correlated Systems
  192. Experimental study on the entry of solid spheres into Newtonian and non-Newtonian fluids
  193. Optical Quantum Computers: A Route to Practical Continuous Variable Quantum Information Processing
  194. High-Performance Luminescence Thermometer with Field-Induced Slow Magnetic Relaxation Based on a Heterometallic Cyanido-Bridged 3d–4f Complex
  195. Investigation of hydrogen incorporations in bulk infinite-layer nickelates
  196. Non-quantum chirality in a driven Brusselator
  197. Anomalous Hall conductivity control in MnNiN antiperovskite by epitaxial strain along the kagome plane
  198. Acoustic ring resonator: Experiments and simulations
  199. Thickness dependent band structure of α-bismuthene grown on epitaxial graphene
  200. Fishtail effect and the vortex phase diagram of high-entropy alloy superconductor
  201. Snowmass White Paper: New ideas for many-body quantum systems from string theory and black holes
  202. Ultra-slow electron spin-lattice relaxation in a low magnetic field enables massive optical spin polarization in the 4A2 ground state of Cr3+ in ruby.
  203. Experimental and computational investigations of 4, 4′-Dimethoxybenzoin single crystal for optical limiting applications
  204. Speeding up dark matter with solar neutrinos
  205. Measuring the free energy of hard-sphere colloidal glasses
  206. Tunable anisotropic pulse photo response of ZrS3 crystal at cryogenic temperatures
  207. Influence of potential attraction term on Joule-Thomson coefficient, enthalpy and entropy of real gases
  208. A Ferrotoroidic Candidate with Well‐separated Spin Chains
  209. Melting curves and bulk moduli of the solid noble gasses He, Ne, Ar, Kr and Xe
  210. Mechanism of heteroatom-doped Cu5 catalysis for hydrogen evolution reaction
  211. Experimental evaluation of three‐dimensional heat flow using magneto‐thermo electric effects in a ferromagnetic nanowire
  212. All-optical control of excitons in semiconductor quantum wells
  213. Thermoelectric Enhancement in Single Organic Radical Molecules
  214. Investigation on crystal structure, electrical and magnetic properties of CeAl (Si1-xGex)
  215. Self-assembly of hydrophobic–amphiphilic diblock copolymers in solution
  216. Recent progresses of quantum confinement in graphene quantum dots
  217. Multiphoton absorption and Rabi oscillations in armchair graphene nanoribbons
  218. Spatial, spin, and charge symmetry projections for a Fermi-Hubbard model on a quantum computer
  219. Skyrmion dynamics and skyrmion–bimeron crossover in antiferromagnetic thin nanodisks with a random distribution of magnetic impurities
  220. Experimental investigation on effects of injection distribution on combustion instability in a model rocket combustor
  221. Trivalent ion overcharging on electrified graphene
  222. Comparison of Ferromagnetic Materials: Past Work, Recent Trends, and Applications
  223. The effect of metal–insulator interface interactions on electrical transport in granular metals
  224. To See a World in a Grain of Sand
  225. Identification of a Kitaev quantum spin liquid by magnetic field angle dependence
  226. Cold atoms meet lattice gauge theory
  227. Experimental verification of semi-metallic band structure in PtSe2 via thermoelectric power measurements
  228. Coordination-Assisted Precise Construction of Metal Oxide Nanofilms for High-Performance Solid-State Batterie

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