7C’s of Communication and Essay Writing

  • Kinds of Essays
  • How to start with an efficient Beginning, Middle and Ending of Essay
  • 7C’s of Communication in Essays writing

Use of Library and Internet Resources

  • Defining “The Library” resources
  • Defining “The Internet” resources
  • Exploring on the internet
  • Exploring in the library


Correction of Sentences and Question Tags

  • General rules of correction of Sentences and Question Tags
  • Technique to add a Question Tag
  • Examples of correction of Sentences and Question Tags
  • Uses and Forms of Question Tags

Precis Writing

  • Rules for Precis Writing
  • Examples of Precis Writing

Verbal Communication: Strategies and Activities

  • Interviewing for verbal communication
  • Group Discussions for verbal communication
  • Creating a Newscast for verbal communication
  • Brainstorming for verbal communication



Introduction to Paraphrasing

Uses of Paraphrasing

Features of a good Paraphrase

Method of procedure for Paraphrasing


Report Writing

  • Importance of Reports writing
  • Guidelines for  Informal Report Writing
  • Informal Report Writing Practice sessions


  • Introduction to CV
  • General Format of CV
  • Types of CV’s
  • Template two write a CV
  • Optional Features of CV
  • Sample of CV

Minutes of Meeting

Introduction to Minutes of Meeting

Meeting minutes Format

Sample Minutes of a Meeting

General Problems while collecting Minutes of a Meeting

Solution of Problems written in Minutes of Meeting

Writing Memorandum

  • Introduction to Memorandum
  • Audience and Purpose of Memorandum
  • Format of Memorandum
  • Sample Memo

Resume Writing

  • What is Resume
  • Role of a Resume



  • Kinds of Resume

Job Application Materials

  • Job Application Letter, Acceptance letter , Recommendation Letter, and Follow-up letters.
  • Examples and Practice Sessions
  • Planning the Resume and Letter

Presentations Skills

  • Individual & Group Presentation
  • Teaching Presentation as a Skill
  • Project Work on Power Point Presentations

Communication skills MCQs

  1. Communication Skills Course Contents
  2. Communication skills MCQs
  3. Verbal, Non-verbal Communication MCQs
  4. Important MCQs of Technical Report Writing
  5. Memos MCQs
  6. Letter Writing and Drafting MCQs 
  7. Types of Letters MCQs
  8. Internet and Email MCQs
  9. Parts Of Business Letter MCQs
  10. Repeated MCQs of Technical Report Writing
  11. CV or Resume Writing MCQs
  12. Cover Letter MCQs
  13. Application Writing MCQs

Useful Tutorials on Communication skills

  1. Types of Report Writing
  2. Examples of Report Writing on an Event
  3. How to Write a memo (Memorandum)?
  4. How to Write a Vision Statement?
  5. How to Write Mission Statement?
  6. How to Write Goals and Objectives Statement?