Verbal, Non-verbal Communication MCQs

Verbal, Non-verbal Communication MCQs

(1) The response of a sender message is…..

a) Feedback

b) back

c) Food back

d) Social services

e) Process

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(2) The telephone, letter and email are example of the…..

a) Feedback

b) Encoding

c) Decoding

d) Message

e) Channel

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(3) The nouns which cannot be heard or seen are known as….

a) Medium

b) Abstract

c) Collective

d) Proper

e) Common

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(4) The message is misinterpreted because of the….

a) Distractions

b) Competent

c) Noise

d) Barriers

e) Distortions

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(5) Which of the following adds more meaning to the noun…..

a) Adverb

b) Noun

c) Pronoun

d) Adjective

e) Verb

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(6) The listening difference b/w the sounds is…..

a) Dialogic

b) Empathetic

c) Comprehensive

d) Discriminative

e) Appreciative

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(7) Which of the following speech is also called reported speech…..

a) Indefinite

b) Definite

c) Indirect

d) Direct

e) Negative

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(8) The important component of hearing is….

a) Talking

b) Speaking

c) Hearing

d) Listening

e) Positivety

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(9) The important component of evaluative listening is….

a) Dialogic

b) Impathetic

c) Pathetic

d) Therapeutic

e) Evaluative

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(10) The links between semantic market are two….

a) Phrases

b) Sentences

c) Voices

d) Words

e) Clauses

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(11) In which of the following the action passes from the subject an object is…..

a) Modal

b) Un-transitive

c) Main

d) Transitive

e) Verb

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(12) The reading comprehensive meaning is under the text is…..

a) Usual

b) Tense

c) Oral

d) Audio

e) Written

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