Communication skills MCQs

Communication skills MCQs

(1) Reading is usually known as…..

a) Decoding

b) Encoding

c) Talking

d) Written

e) Listening

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(2) Our day to day reading is usuallu done in…..

a) Intensively

b) Extensively

c) Recalling

d) Loudly

e) Silently

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(3) The different types of letter used for printing is usually in….

a) Fronts

b) Verb

c) Fonts

d) Proper

e) A and B

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(4) In the business letter what comes first in their structure….

a) Heading

b) Salutation

c) Footer

d) Cohesion

e) Date

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(5) For writting of apology letter in which thing we concentrate…..

a) Words

b) Comprehensive

c) Problem

d) Retification of problem

e) Solution

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(6) The Language for report writting is usually…..

a) Casual

b) Formality

c) Loose

d) Formal

e) Salutation

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(7)The articles in english may be classified in…..

a) Indefinite

b) Definite

c) Indirect

d) Direct

e) A and B

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(8) While reading which of the following is required for skills….

a) Reason for reading

b) Knowledge

c) Ability

d) None of these

e) All of these

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(9) Which is used before ‘hour’….

a) The

b) A,The

c) An,The

d) A, An

e) None of these

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(10) Environment barriers are usually known as same as….

a) Physical

b) Psychological

c) Verbal

d) Physiological

e) Sociological

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(11) Communication is usually known as non stop…..

a) Programme

b) Paper

c) Process

d) Plan

e) Feedback

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(12) The person which transmit message is known as…..

a) Driver

b) Cleaner

c) Receiver

d) Sender

e) Writter

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“Communication skills MCQs” is a set of important MCQs on communication skills.

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