MCQS Database Systems- for admission in universities – Set 10

Multiple Choice Questions

Set 10

  • If we require a large number of similar changes, we can save time by using an ____________.
  1. Action query
  2. update query   
  3. delete query
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  • There are ___________ types of action query.                   

      2. Three              


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  • The ________________creates a new table from all or part of the data in one or

         more tables.

  1. make-table
  2. action query
  3. Append query            
  4. cross-table query
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  • The _______________deletes a group of records from one table
  1. Delete query
  2. delete action query   
  3. action query
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  • An _______________makes global changes to a group of records in one or more tables.
  1. Make-table action query
  2. action query    
  3. update action query
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  • We use an _____________to insert records from one or more source tables into a single target table.
  1. append action query
  2. update action query
  3. 3.action query
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  • The _______________can be used to find records in one table that do not have related records in another table.

     1, Find Unmatched Query Wizard

     2. Action query            

     3. Update query

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  • The _________________can be used to determine if there are duplicate records in a table or determine which records in a table share the same value.
  1. Find Duplicates Query Wizard
  2. Matched query        
  3. Action query
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