MCQS Database Systems- for GAT Subject CS- Set 6

Multiple Choice Questions

Set 6


1 .Which SQL statement is not used for Database updates.

1.INSERT       2. UPDATE ` 3. DELETE     4.SELECT

2.The_________ statement is the most important statement in the language and is used to express a query.

1.INSERT       2. UPDATE ` 3. DELETE     4.SELECT

3.There are _______ types of subquery.

1.ONE                        2. THREE       3.FIVE                       4.SEVEN

4. the columns of the result table come from more than one table, ________must be used.

  1. AND               2. &&                         3. JOIN      4.NONE

5.DBMS based on ______ .

1.Data                       2.user                        3.SQL             4. ALL

6.The SQL programming language was first developed in the _______ .

1. 1970 1975      3. 1980      4. 1982

7.The standard specifies ______different data types for data in an SQL database.

  1. TWO                      2.FOUR         3.SIX   4.EIGHT

8.Although SQL was originally an ________ concept.

1.HP               2.DELL                       3.IBM                        4.NONE

9.A vertical bar ( | ) indicates a choice among _______ .

1.same                      2. Alternatives                   3.both

10.In practice, the DDL statements are used to create the database structure.

1.DML                       2.DDL                        3.SQL             4.BNF



31.All non-numeric data values must be enclosed in _______.

  1. Double quotes                2. Single quotes     3.square brackets  4. curly braces


32.Which one is not an comparison operator for SQL.

  1. =                      2.  >                3.  !>              4.&&


33.ANDs are evaluated before _____.

  1. OR 2.  NOT                      3. BOTH a & b                     4. NONE


34.An expression is evaluated_______ .

  1. left to right   2.  Right to  left                   3. Depend on operators used


35.Which clause must always be the last clause of the SELECT statement.

1.WHERE                  2. ORDER BY                       3. COUNT                 4. GROUP BY


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