database multiple choice questions DB-MCQS 5

Multiple Choice Questions

Set 5


1:       SELECT – to…… data in the database

         a- delete   b -query    c-update       d- – insert

2:       INSERT – to ….. data into a table

a- insert  b-query  c-update    d- delete

3:       UPDATE – to …… data in a table
a- delete      b-  update        c-query           d- insert

4:           DELETE – to ….. data from a table

           a- query      b-update          c-insert           d- delete

5:         Literals are …… that are used in SQL statements.

a- constants         b-variables        c-Vowel    

6:         Table Name is the name of an ……….. database table or view that you have access.

           a- extinct       b-obsolete     c- existing

7:        User-defined words are made up by the……

a user    b-programmer    c-            d-

8:        Most components of an SQL statement are ………..

a- case insensitive     b-sensitive    

9:        if a clause has several parts, they should each appear on a …….  Line

          a-    b-same    b-separate

10:      upper-case letters are used to represent ………. words and must be spelt exactly
           a- vowel   b-capital       c-  reserved

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