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Database Management System Questions Answers

1) DCL stands for

  1. Data Control Language
  2. Data Console Language
  3. Data Control Level
  4. Data Console Level

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2) A ……… is used to define overall design of the database

  1. Schema
  2. Application program
  3. Data definition language
  4. None of the above

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3) …………… database is used as template for all databases created.

  1. Master
  2. Model
  3. Temp DB
  4. None of the above

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4) Which of the following is/are the DDL statements?

  1. Create
  2. Drop
  3. Alter
  4. All of the above

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5) The database environment has all of the following components except.

  1. Users
  2. Database
  3. Database Administration
  4. Separate files

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6) Related fields in a database are grouped to form a

  1. Data file
  2. Data record
  3. Menu
  4. None of the above

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7) The way a particular application views the data from the database that the application uses is

  1. Module
  2. Relational model
  3. Schema
  4. Sub Schema

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8) A shared collection of logically related data.

  1. Data Base
  2. Mark Sheet
  3. Result
  4. Record

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9) The Description of the Data is known as.

  1. System Catalog
  2. File
  3. Dictionary
  4. Tech

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10) A software system that enables users to define, create, maintain, and control Access to the database.

  1. Database Management System
  2. Data Management
  3. Filing system
  4. Record

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11. Which of the following is a physical storage media?
a) Tape Storage
b) Optical Storage
c) a and b
d) RAM

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12. The time for repositioning the arm is called ___ and it increases with the distance that the arm must move.
a) Access time
b) Seek time
c) Average seek time
d) Burst time

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13. In Flash memory, the erase operation can be performed on a number of pages, called an _______ at once, and takes about 1 to 2 milliseconds.
a) Delete block
b) Read block
c) Flash block
d) Erase block

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14. A major goal of the database system is to minimize the number of block transfers between the disk and memory. This can be achieved by which of the followings;
a) Secondary storage
b) Catalog
c) Storage
d) Buffer

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15. Which of the following is the smallest unit of allocation in an Oracle database?
a) Database
b) Database Block
c) Tablespace
d) Instance

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16.The time factor when determining the efficiency of an algorithm is measured by
a) Counting microseconds
b) Counting the number of statements
c) Counting the number of key operations
d) Counting the kilobytes of algorithm

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17. Which of the following fixed database roles can add or remove user IDs?
a) db_setupadmin
b) db_securityadmin
c) db_accessadmin
d) db_sysadmin

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18. Which data model which define how the data is actually stored is

A logical model
B external model
C internal model
D none of these
E All of these

Answer: C
19. Data about data is called

A directory
B data bank
C both a and b
D none of the above
E meta data

Answer: D

20. which scheme is for hierarchical database

A a B-tree
B a graph
C a tree
D both a and b
E none of the above

Answer: C
21. Select the example of network database

B Ingress
C Unify
D both a and b
E None of the above

Answer: A
22. Select valid record-based data model

A Object-oriented model
B object related model
C Entity-relationship model
D both a nad b
E Relational mode

Answer: B
23. SET concept used in _________?

A Relational model
B Hierarchical model
C Network model
D both a and b
E None of the above

Answer: C

24. A view of database that appears to an application program is called:

A schema
B low schema
C virtual table
D both a and b
E subschema

Answer: D
25. Select the DBMS, which provide supports full-fledged client server application development

B Ingress
C FoxPro 2.1
D Oracle 7.1
E none of the above

Answer: D
26. In database a top-to-bottom relationship between the items is formed by a

A Relational schema
B Network schema
C Hierarchical schema
D All of the above
E none of these

Answer: C
27. Which level of data abstraction which define how the data is actually stored is

A conceptual level
B file level
C physical level
D none of these
E all of the above

Answer: Option C
28. group of information stored in a database at a specific moment is

A instance
B schema
C view
D both a and b
E None of the above

Answer: A

29. The user querry syantax is varified by

A query optimizer
B parser
E None of the above

Answer: B
30. Which statement is correct about data model:

A Set of basic operations on the database
B Used to describe structure of a database
C Both A and B
D All of the above
E None of these

Answer: C
31. In a hierarchical database, a hashing function is used for location________?:

A Primary key
B Collisions
C Root
D Duplicate records
E all of the above

Answer: C
32. DBA abbrivated as Database Administrator

A Data Bank Access
B Database Access
C Data Bank Administration
D Database Administrator
E none of the above

Answer: Option A
33. identify properties of entities

A Attributes
B Table
C Groups
D Switchboards
E all of the aabove

Answer: A

34. DBMS will act as between the users and the database

A barrier
B obstacle
C referee
D interface
E none of the above

Answer: D
35. Select object that not belong to database

A cursor
B sequence
C index
D trigger
E all of the above

Answer: A

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